Why Automate?

Optimize Time and Resource Efficiency with Scalability and Centralization

  • Streamlines the entire lifecycle of certificate management with centralized certificate management.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of all certificates.
  • Handles large certificate volumes efficiently.
  • Saves time and allows IT teams to focus on strategic tasks.

225 hours

Companies spend 225 hours manually managing certificates a year.


81% of companies experienced a certificate-related outage in the past two years.

Improve Accuracy & Enhance Security

  • Eliminates human errors and misconfigurations.
  • Ensures accurate and timely certificate deployments.
  • Enforces strong security practices.
  • Monitors certificate expiration and automates revocation.
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorized access and breaches.

Cost Optimization

  • Reduces manual labor and associated costs.
  • Minimizes risks and incidents.
  • Avoids penalties for non-compliance.
  • Optimizes certificate usage and avoids unnecessary purchases.


Hourly Downtime Cost Exceeds $150,000

Safeguard – Trust

Digital Environment


Certificate Usage



Enhanced Security

Manage digital certificates, restrict access, and protect against unauthorized access & security threats.

Improved Compliance

Comply with industry regulations & standards by meeting all certificate policy compliance.

Cost Savings

Reduce the risk of certificate-related outages and minimize the time and resources spent on manual processes.

Increased Efficiency

Streamline certificate management, save time, and free up IT resources for strategic initiatives.

Better Visibility

Enables clear oversight of digital certificate inventory, facilitating lifecycle tracking and rapid issue identification and resolution.

Key Features

API Integration

  • Multiple Rest API’s
  • Request For Certificates
  • Inventory Report Generation

Inventory Management

  • Automatic Refresh
  • Report Generation
  • Notification & Alerts

Certificate Enrollment

  • Web Enrollment for Users in the Organization
  • CSR GenerationReport Generation
  • Policy Enforcement

Workflow Management

  • Controlled Certificate Approval Process
  • Notifications and Alerts

Complete Automation

  • Bypass Workflow
  • Service Now Integration
  • Integration with IIS, TOMCAT, APACHE, and More
  • Integration with load balancers such as F5

Certificate Discovery

  • Continuously monitor certificates used by servers in your environment
  • Certificate scanning for issues in your environment
  • Detect certificates using weak cryptographic algorithms and hash
  • Intelligent Certificate Monitoring Integration with NESSUS

A Microsoft PKI Native Solution

Multiple CA Integration

PKI Health Check

PKI Certificate Expiry & CRL Expiry Check

Native Inventory Management


How does Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager streamline the process of certification?

CertSecure Manager automates the complete lifecycle of the certification from automation that enables direct deployment and issuance to deployment, renewal and revocation.

Is Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager compatible with CertDiscovery tools like Nessus?

Yes, our product is compatible with Nessus and their reports can be imported onto CertDiscovery and converted into intelligent data.

How will Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager help with my certification?

CertSecure Manager helps keep a complete record of all certificates used in internal CAs. The inventory records are used to generate intelligent reports that provide certificate insights used in the organization.

What features does Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager offer?

The CertSecure Manager provides lifecycle management, certificate discovery, inventory, issuance, deployment, renewal, revocation and reporting capabilities. It also ensures intelligent report generation, alerting, automation, automatic deployment onto servers, and enrollment of certificates.

On which platforms does Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager work?

CertSecure Manager can be deployed in different Cloud Environments, On-Premises, Hybrid IT Environments and Kubernetes Clusters.

Does Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager come with any additional features?

The additional CertDiscovery gives another feature to improve security by scanning the entire network and alerting for any certificates that do not meet the security standards and impose security risks.

How does Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager being native to Microsoft PKI help?

It enables easy integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). Direct integration with Microsoft CA allows for streamlined integration with the organization’s private CA and enhances security and scalability while ensuring ease of deployment.

Will Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager help me comply with the industry standards?

Yes, CertSecure Manager keeps you compliant with the highest levels of industry standards, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Who is Encryption Consulting?

A trusted name in the cyber security industry that offers customer-focused solutions with its expertise in encryption technologies and data protection solutions.

Why was Certificate Management Solution – CertSecure Manager created?

Every day, everywhere certificates are created, issued, renewed, and eventually revoked when they are no longer needed or have been compromised. Managing and streamlining them can be a daunting task for organizations and that’s when CertSecure Manager comes to the rescue. With the automation of all certificates, they can be efficiently managed at the click of a button to reduce time consumption and enhance security measures.

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