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Data protection across the enterprise

We enable organizations to identify areas in their current environment that need improvement by conducting an assessment, creating a roadmap and implementing an end-to-end data protection plan.

We enable organizations to identify areas in their current encryption environment needing improvement by conducting an assessment, creating a roadmap, and implementing an end-to-end encryption plan.

implementing an end-to-end encryption plan

We help organizations to identify current risks of unauthorized exfiltration and non-compliant storage of sensitive data that could result in data loss by conducting an assessment, creating a roadmap to protect sensitive data from loss or leakage, and implementing DLP solutions.

DLP solutions

Public Key Infrastructure makes reliable online communication possible with the combination of encryption and authentication (using a digital certificate)

Public Key Infrastructure

We assist organisations to maximise their cloud security by identifying risks associated with data exfiltration, storage of compliance related data and access to shadow IT cloud services. Thereafter, we provide recommendations and a well-defined strategy to remediate all risks and help in deployment of CASB solution.

deployment of CASB solution

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PKI, HSM and AWS trainings

We offer a number of training courses in Public Key Infrastructure, and Hardware Security Modules. Experience one of our upcoming training courses in 2024

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Our weekly blogs focus on important topics in the current cybersecurity landscape, including

  • Encryption
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  • Quantum Computing
  • Digital Certificate Management
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Securing IoT Devices
Encryption, PKI & IoT trends report

Encryption Consulting performed two surveys to understand the trends in Encryption, PKI, IoT and various other data protection related aspects

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