Encryption Advisory Services

"53% of organizations leave 1000 or more files with sensitive data open to all employees. Every employee, on average, has access to 17% of ALL files containing sensitve data at their organizations"

Source: 1019 Global Data Risk Report – Varonis

We leverage encryption to provide persistent data protection, assuming the other traditional controls will fail. As an encryption advisory service provider, we can make any attack on data significantly more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, from a defensive perspective.

Through our encryption advisory services, we work towards reducing your financial risk of breaches and minimizing their impact.

We focus on the most important thing to be protected - your sensitive data. As part of our services, we:

Our encryption advisory services help to close & secure access paths through security controls like:

Close and Secure Access Paths Through Security Controls

Our data protection service catalog

We have a custom Data Encryption and Protection Framework based on our experience and industry leading practices defined to help guide a strategy for encrypting sensitive information.
Based on the priorities, needs, and maturity of the data protection program of your organization, we provide bespoke data protection services to suit your unique requirement.

Data Discovery Exercise

We identify the areas across your organization where unstructured and structured sensitive data exist, by performing a data discovery exercise. We provide recommendations and suggestions to protect and manage the identified sensitive data.

Assessment and Strategy for Data Protection

We identify the key risks faced by an organization by conducting a data protection assessment. This also helps in understanding the capability, maturity, and any gaps that may exist in your organization. Based on this assessment, a data protection strategy is developed, along with a roadmap that defines the components and capabilities of the data protection program.

Data Exfiltration Risk Assessment

Through a risk-assessment, we identify the areas in your organization that are most at risk for data being exfiltrated. In order to strengthen those areas of potential risk, we provide remedial recommendations.

Technology Solutions and Capability Implementation for Data Protection

We assist your organization with the implementation and deployment of data protection technology solutions and capabilities. We also provide support throughout the full scale technology implementation.

Data Protection Program Foundation Development

To strengthen and enhance the data protection program, we develop supporting capabilities like governance, key risk indicators, operating model, and key performance indicators.

What We Offer

Encryption Assessment

Encryption Consulting utilizes a custom framework for each encryption assessment based on NIST 800-57 and NIST 800-53 standards and best practices. The assessment identifies areas in need of improvement and recommends ways to mitigate these shortfalls.

Encryption Strategy

An effective encryption strategy looks at what data is considered sensitive, where it is located, how it moves in and out of the organization, what the risks are if the data is stolen or compromised, how the data is utilized (operationalized) within the organization, and what the organization’s data security goals are in the short and long term.

Implementation Planning

We will work with you to design a program and implementation plan for encryption governance, key management, and business process modernization. Optionally we can provide project management and PM resources for technology deployments and solution implementations for the encryption strategy initiatives.

Case Study

See how we helped a leading healthcare brand improve their encryption channels and framework.


"Encryption Consulting created a roadmap for our organization after conducting the Assessment of our Encryption Environment which helped us remediate the high-risk area."

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


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Global Encryption Trends Study – 2022

Compare your organization’s encryption strategy with the global firm’s trend and understand the data protection strategies across multi-dimensional platform analysis.

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