Encryption Advisory Services

Take a proactive approach to data protection!

Discover any hidden vulnerabilities in your current encryption environment through assessment, developing strategic plan and implementation roadmap, and execute it to establish end-to-end encryption.

Encryption Advisory Services


We are a global leader in data protection, trusted by hundreds of leading organizations across the globe for our expertise. We leverage our decades of experience in encryption to provide persistent data protection for incidents when all the other traditional controls fail. As an encryption advisory service provider, we can make any attack on data significantly more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive from a defensive perspective. Through our encryption advisory services, we enhance your data protection strategy to reduce your financial risk of breaches and minimize their impact.



We utilize a custom framework for each encryption assessment based on NIST, FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS and more such standards and best practices. The assessment identifies areas needing improvement and recommends ways to mitigate these shortfalls.



We build effective encryption strategy based on data classification, where it is located, how it moves in and out of the organization, the risks if the data is stolen or compromised, how the data is utilized (operationalized) within the organization, and the organization's data security goals in the short and long term.



We will work with you to design a program and implementation plan for encryption governance, key management, and business process modernization. Optionally, we can provide project management and PM resources for technology deployments and solution implementations for the encryption strategy initiatives.



We uncover hidden gaps in your organization by analyzing your encryption architecture for vulnerabilities in cryptographic protocols, evaluating the effectiveness of encryption and authentication methods, and verifying compliance with industry standards.

Benefits of our Service

Discover the advantages of an end-to-end encryption plan built by the experts and customized to your requirements

Our services give you an informed view of your current state and guide you to understand where, when, and how to invest to enhance your cybersecurity posture.
Build a resilient cybersecurity architecture with advanced disaster recovery capabilities that is prepared for increasingly advanced cyber threats.
Achieve and sustain all the necessary regulations and compliance with a well-designed encryption strategy customized to your requirements.
Receive an effective data protection and compliance management roadmap that helps you meet changing regulations and prepare for tomorrow’s threats.

Our Data protection Catalogue

We have a custom Data Encryption and Protection Framework based on our experience and industry-leading practices defined to help guide a strategy for encrypting sensitive information.

Based on your organization’s priorities, needs, and maturity of its data protection program, we provide bespoke data protection services to suit your unique requirements.


Data Discovery Exercise

We identify the areas where unstructured and structured sensitive data exist. We then provide recommendations and suggestions for protecting and managing the identified sensitive data.

Risk Assessment

Through a risk assessment, we identify the areas in your organization most at risk for data exfiltration and provide remedial recommendations to strengthen those areas of potential risk.

Assessment and Strategy

We analyze key risks, providing a detailed overview of its capability, maturity, and any existing gaps. We also develop a data protection strategy, roadmap, program components, and capabilities description.

Data Protection Program Foundation Development

To strengthen and enhance the data protection program, we develop supporting capabilities like governance, key risk indicators, operating models, and key performance indicators.

Technology Solutions and Capability Implementation

We assist your organization with implementing and deploying data protection technology solutions and capabilities and conducting POC. We also provide support throughout the full-scale technology implementation.

Our Areas of Focus


Third Parties

Incident Management

Risk Management


Business Process Invenory

Procedures and controls



Training and Awareness

Transborder Data Transfers

Third-Party Management

Manual Processes

Information Security

How Encryption Consulting Helps?

Our 5-step guide to providing a secure and seamless encryption architecture across your organization

Gather requirements to determine data encryption (data-at-rest, data-in-transit and data-in-use including field-level encryption, tokenization, and masking) and key lifecycle management (including cloud key management and a PKI environment).

  • We conduct initial information-gathering sessions with primary stakeholders (IT, security, data encryption, and PKI team) to identify and confirm the scope of the assessment.
  • Gather existing data encryption, key lifecycle management, and PKI documentation, including encryption and PKI policies, standards, solution documentation, and more.
  • Review and analyze the documentation provided to understand existing data encryption and key management technologies.
  • Define criteria for gathering information about data encryption and key lifecycle management.
  • Gather stakeholders’ business, technical, and functional requirements for data encryption and key lifecycle management, including cloud key management approach.
  • We provide an information-gathering template for a structured data collection approach.

Gain an understanding of the current state and key lifecycle management system, challenges, and use cases.

  • Perform a current state assessment and gap analysis between the as-is and to-be states for data encryption, data-at-rest, data-in-transit, data-in-use, and the key lifecycle management process.
  • Identify areas for improvement regarding the current process and controls to provide recommendations.
  • Define the use cases involving a sensitive information-gathering template for each focus area from the data protection and encryption framework to identify formations that need to be protected.
  • Categorizing and prioritizing use cases for data encryption and key lifecycle management.
  • We provide detailed reports that cover identified gaps with risk ratings and recommendations for each identified gap along with aggregated use cases.

Define a strategy and implementation roadmap for process and technology changes.

  • Determine the existing capabilities that can address each prioritized use case.
  • For use cases not addressed (as required) by existing solutions, determine alternative technology solutions to fulfill the business requirements.
  • Consolidate business, technical, and functional requirements and use case prioritization, including high-level resource estimates and timing.
  • Develop a summarized strategy and implementation plan document.
  • Review the final draft of the strategy and implementation roadmap with the stakeholders.
  • We also provide an in-depth executive summary.

At customer's requests, we also support floating the Request for Proposal (RFP) to define vendor evaluation criteria that meet all the business, technical, and functional requirements.

  • Utilize the identified use cases to prepare the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Assist in floating the RFP for vendors based on identified requirements and use cases.
  • Develop an RFI questionnaire and vendor evaluation criteria to assist your organization in initiating the vendor evaluation process.
  • Conduct each vendor assessment against evaluation criteria to map the requirements.
  • Understand the vendor’s capabilities to evaluate the technical aspect of the solution.
  • Vendor selection is based on your requirements, license fee, vendor-specific benefits, and more.
  • Conduct the evaluation process with the final list of vendors ready to go for POC.

As requested, the organization's requests, we provide additional support in configuring the POC infrastructure for identified use cases and business applications for data encryption and key lifecycle management solutions.

  • Identify up to 2 applications and data sources to build the POC environment.
  • Configure the POC environment as per selected vendor requirements.
  • Conduct POC for identified primary use cases.
  • Document results from POC infrastructure.
  • Develop high-level cost analysis, including potential licensing and number of hardware and software components to obtain final approval from business stakeholders.
  • Share the POC results with all stakeholders and assist them in making a go or no-go decision.

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