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Building a cyber-secure future together!

We enable organizations to identify areas in their current environment that need improvement by conducting an assessment, creating a roadmap and implementing an end-to-end data protection plan.

Encryption Consulting Ensures Privacy

Our Story

From PKI Consulting Experts to Leaders in the Data Protection Space, we are laser-focused on securing your sensitive data.

Encryption Consulting is an established market leader in data protection consulting and has observed exponential growth since its inception. Over 100 Fortune 500 corporations have sought our help in protecting their sensitive data and solving the most complex problems. We are armed with a team of dedicated and deeply committed experts who work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to enhance their data security posture and capabilities. Through our products and professional services, you can strengthen your ability to protect cryptographic keys, digital certificates, software code, and more.

Our Mission

As technology continues to advance in our increasingly digital and connected world, a secure data protection strategy is paramount for organizations to secure what matters most: data! Leading enterprises across the globe trust Encryption Consulting to protect their data and build long-term partnerships.

Our Vision

Building a world that is secure, connected, and efficiently managed with solutions and services that not only protect your organizations but also optimize the functioning of people, processes, and technology for a safer tomorrow together!

Our Journey

  • 2018

    The launch of our Advisory Services, including PKI, HSM and Encryption, Cloud Data Protection, and Enterprise encryption platforms.

  • 2019

    Introduction of our managed services: PKI-as-a-Service & HSM-as-a-Service

  • 2020

    Launch of our Code Signing Solution, CodeSign Secure.

  • 2021

    Launch of Certificate Management System (CMS).

  • 2022

    CMS Evolution: CertSecure Manager for Azure Introduced.

  • 2023

    The launch of the new versions of Cert Secure Manager and CodeSign Secure 3.0.

  • 2024

    Launch Of Our Post-Quantum Advisory Services.

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Our Offerings

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services to clients in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, telecom, and more. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends, compliances, and best practices in data security, and we leverage this expertise to help our clients achieve their security goals.

Advisory Services

We deliver a range of advisory services to help clients develop effective data protection strategies, implement appropriate solutions, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Implementation Services

We provide implementation and integration support services to help clients successfully deploy and integrate data protection solutions into their newly built or existing systems and infrastructure.

Managed Services

We offer managed services to help clients manage and maintain their PKI, HSM, encryption, and key management solutions, including 24/7 monitoring, incident response, and issue resolution.

Our Products

We provide customizable, secure, and efficient security solutions for Code Signing and Certificate Lifecycle Management.

PKI & HSM Trainings

Our range of virtual training and education services helps security personnel, and our clients improve their knowledge and skills related to data protection.

Our Areas of Expertise Include

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Enterprise key management
  • Cloud Key Management
  • Code-signing
  • Hardware security modules
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Element level format preserving encryption
  • Homomorphic encryption and tokenization
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

Advisory Board Members

Brain Komar

Brian Komar

Advisory Board Member

Brian has been involved in Microsoft PKI since the beta testing of Windows Server 2003. He worked as a contractor on the product team at Microsoft during the development of Windows Server 2003 PKI, authoring several whitepapers on the technology. In addition, he has authored two books, several whitepapers and a course on Microsoft PKI

“Encryption Consulting provided expert level encryption assessment services to our company, These guys really know their stuff and always conduct themselves professionally.”

Security and Risk Management

Sr Security Governance Analyst

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