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HSM As A Service

What we do

We are Vendor-agnostic and provide various options, whichever is best for you to deploy.

HSMs are a mainstay in businesses for storing sensitive data and performing secure cryptographic procedures. Scalable and flexible enterprise solutions are available for deployment on-premises or in the cloud. Get your own HSM solution delivered as HSM-as-a-Service.

We ensure Highest Availability around the world and supply our services across the globe.

Encryption Consulting’s HSM-as-a-Service is suitable for

Customers who already have HSM deployed in place.

Customers who are planning for new HSM infrastructure (Designing and Deploying).

We are a Vendor-agnostic organization and offer variety of options in HSMs

Entrust nshield HSM

nShield HSMs provide a secure solution for generating encryption and signing keys, creating digital signatures, encrypting data, and more.

Thales Luna 7 HSM

Thales Luna Network HSMs secure your sensitive data and critical applications by storing, protecting, and managing your cryptographic keys with high-assurance, tamper-resistant, network-attached appliances offering market-leading performance.

FutureX HSM

FutureX hardware security module solutions provide robust encryption, tamper resistance, and logical security to safeguard your most sensitive data.

We provide both kinds of options for HSM

Dedicated HSM

Managed HSM

Why EC’s HSM-as-a-Service?

High level data protection

Easier and Quicker Deployment

Supervised and operated under experts

Excellent Performance and Affordable Price

Scalability and Flexibility

Features of Dedicated HSM

Main Control

  • Ideal for Customers who require FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated devices and complete and exclusive control of the HSM appliance.
  • Single Tenant Devices
  • The HSMs are distributed across data centers and can be provisioned as a pair of devices for high availability.

Full administrative control

  • Microsoft has no administrative control after the customer accesses the device for the first time when the customer changes the password.
  • Microsoft does maintain monitor-level access (not an admin role) for telemetry via a serial port connection. This access covers hardware monitors such as temperature, power supply, and fan health.
  • The customer is free to disable this monitoring needed.

High performance

  • Thales HSM offers a broad range of cryptographic algorithm support, various supported operating systems, and broad API support.
  • 10,000 operations per second.
  • Thales HSM device is a low latency, high capacity, and high throughput device.


Features of Managed HSM

Main Control

  • Fully managed, highly available, single-tenant, standards-compliant cloud service safeguards cryptographic keys for cloud applications.
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs.
  • Single tenant devices

Full administrative control

  • Usually, users have the access to the control, but it is given to the one who manages it.
  • Access to a managed HSM is controlled through two interfaces: the management plane and the data plane. To access a managed HSM in either plane, all callers must have proper authentication and authorization.

Other features

  • Each HSM cluster consists of multiple HSM partitions spanning at least two availability zones.
  • Managed HSM uses the Marvell LiquidSecurity HSM adapters to protect your keys.
  • Supports Import keys from your on-premises HSMs.

A recent research report from Flexera indicates that around 95% of organizations today leverage some form of cloud services. As workloads of all types move to the cloud, HSMs are no exception.

Are you looking for an answer to what criteria you should choose as the appropriate option for your organization’s crypto-security? Choose between On-premise and Cloud-based HSM

An on-premise HSM is a good option for enterprises with one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Large organizations that require complete and isolated control over their key management mechanisms and have a clear business case for the high investments needed in an on-premises HSM.
  • Applications that require very low latency, where an HSM being in the same data center as the application, can make a big difference.
  • Applications with intensive cryptographic operations and a need for high performance, where offloading the cryptographic functions from an application server to a local HSM can significantly improve the application.
  • Organizations that operate in countries with strict requirements on data localization and where cloud providers may not have a local data center in that location.
  • Organizations with predictable workloads, where it is unlikely that the business requirements and transaction volumes will exceed the capacity of the HSM shortly.

The simplicity, flexibility, and agility offered by Cloud-based HSMs make them an attractive value proposition, especially when enterprises face one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Small and medium organizations that already use a lot of cloud services and the high investments for on-premise HSMs may not be feasible.
  • We classify Cloud-based HSM into Public Cloud HSM Services and Third-Party HSM Services, depending on your needs.
    • Public Cloud HSM Services offer Single-tenant/dedicated or Multi-tenant services (e.g., AWS, Azure), whereas others provide only Multi-tenant services (e.g., GCP KMS, Oracle Key Vault).
    • In Third-Party HSM Services, you can leverage multi-cloud platforms managed through the central management portal (e.g., DPoD); thus, these HSM Services are best suited for organizations with multi-cloud strategies.
  • Organizations who want to test or pilot multiple HSM services with minimal upfront investments before committing to a vendor.
  • Organizations with fewer workloads and application performance and latency requirements may not require a dedicated, on-premise HSM.
  • Organizations with highly variable workloads might require elasticity, i.e., scaling up and scaling down of the HSM infrastructure.
  • Organizations prefer a predictable, operational expenditure (Opex) based financial model offered by the cloud rather than the high upfront capital investments needed by an on-premise HSM.

Difference between Dedicated HSM and Managed HSM

Dedicated HSM

  • Ideal for the ones who are going for the new HSM infrastructure (Designing and Deploying).
  • Azure Dedicated HSM is most suitable for “lift-and-shift” scenarios that require direct and sole access to HSM devices.

Managed HSM

  • Ideal for the organization that already has the HSM infrastructure in place but wants to get it managed. HSM provisioning, configuration, patching, and maintenance are handled by the service.
  • Suitable for Easily migrating your existing applications that use a vault (a multi-tenant) to use Managed HSMs.

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Encryption Consulting has assisted various organizations in implementing and deploying a new HSM environment as well as maintaining their existing environment for various use cases.


At what stage can I get HSM-as-a-Service?

The product is suitable for customers who already have an existing HSM infrastructure or are planning for a new HSM infrastructure.

What product options of HSM-as-a-Service are offered in the service?

The product options available for HSMaaS are Entrust nshield HSM, Thales Luna 7 HSM and Futurex HSM.

What are the available service options available for enterprises?

We offer on-premises HSM, cloud-based HSM and hybrid HSM options based on your enterprise needs.

Will I be able to meet all compliance requirements with HSM-as-a-Service?

Our HSM solutions fulfill all the compliancy requirements, including FIPS and PCI DSS.

Can I integrate HSM-as-a-Service with my existing applications?

Yes, the HSM-as-a-Service can be integrated with key enterprise applications like AD, CTM, CCC and more.

Can I customize my HSM-as-a-Service solution to meet my specific needs?

Yes, all HSM solutions are designed to meet specifications and all the requirements of your organization.

How do you ensure the safety of keys in your HSM-as-a-Service solution?

Our security solutions ensure the protection of keys that meet the stringent standards of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS certification. These standards ensure that our clients’ keys are secure from physical and logical attacks.

How do you monitor and manage access controls for HSM-as-a-Service?

With access control policies, multi-factor authentication, enforcing least privileges for security reasons, logging & auditing, and frequent updates, we make sure that we securely monitor and manage access controls for HSM-as-a-Service.

How do you ensure that your HSM-as-a-Service solution meets performance and scalability requirements?

Our HSM-as-a-Service solution complies with all well-defined performance and scalability requirements through frequent evaluation of HaaS (HSM-as-a-Service) providers, regular testing and monitoring performance & scalability while ensuring high availability.

How do you ensure that your HSM-as-a-Service solution is compatible with different operating systems and applications?

We ensure that our HSM-as-a-Service is compatible with multiple operating systems and applications by using industry standards, testing compatibility, checking HSM vendor support, and customizing the solution as per your requirements.

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A trusted name in the cyber security industry that offers customer-focused solutions and services with its expertise in encryption technologies and data protection solutions.

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