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"SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' the world have ever seen"

Microsoft's president Brad Smith

Why Code Sign?

Code signing is a process to confirm the authenticity and originality of digital information such as a piece of software code. It assures users that this digital information is valid and establishes the legitimacy of the author. Code signing also ensures that this piece of digital information has not changed or been revoked after it was validly signed.

Code Signing plays an important role as it can enable identification of a legitimate software versus malware or rogue code. Digitally signed code ensures that the software running on computers and devices is trusted and unmodified.

Software powers your organization and reflects the true value of your business. Protecting the software with a robust code signing process is vital without limiting access to the code, assuring this digital information is not malicious code and establishing the legitimacy of the author.

Encryption Consulting’s CodeSign Secure platform provides 

unmatched security with high performance for all Your software code signing Cryptographic Needs

Securing private key with highly efficient execution rate

HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) store all of your organization’s private keys in the CodeSign Secure platform

Restrict access only to authorized users

Avoid performance bottlenecks with EC’s state of the art custom integrations

Well defined management of private keys to avoid the local storage on local build machines

Integration with leading hardware security module (HSM) vendors

Why Use Encryption Consulting’s CodeSign Secure?

CodeSign Secure helps customers stay ahead of the curve by providing a secure Code Signing solution with tamper proof storage for the keys and complete visibility and control of Code Signing activities.

The private keys of the code-signing certificate can be stored in an HSM to eliminate the risks associated with stolen, corrupted, or misused keys.

Client-side hashing ensures build performance and avoids unnecessary movement of files to provide a greater level of security

The command line signing tool provides a faster method to sign requests in bulk

Robust access control systems can be integrated with LDAP and customizable workflows to mitigate risks associated with granting wrong access to unauthorized users, allowing them to sign code with malicious certificates

Support for customized workflows of an "M of N" quorum with multi-tier support of approvers

Support for InfosSec policies to improve adoption of the solution and enable different business teams to have their own workflow for Code Signing

Validation of code against UpToDate antivirus definitions for virus and malware before digitally signing it will mitigate risks associated with signing malicious code

Managing private keys securely

CodeSign Secure platform provides proxied access to code signing clients with no hassles interacting with the HSMs, resulting in security of the private keys complying with the FIPS 140-2 standard.

State-of-the-art Security Features

Seamless authentication is provided to code signing clients via CodeSign Secure platform to make use of state-of-the-art security features including client-side hashing, multi-factor authentication device authentication, quorum as well multi-tier approvers workflows, and more.

High Efficiency with Client-side Hash Signing

CodeSign Secure is embedded with a state-of-the-art client-side hash signing mechanism resulting in less data travelling over the network, making it a highly efficient Code Signing system for the complex cryptographic operations occurring in the HSM.

Advanced Integration With All the Tools of the Global DevOps Community

One Platform for all Code Signing Use Cases

Code Signing

Sign code from any platform, including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and much more.

Document Signing

Digitally sign documents using keys that are secured in your HSMs.

Docker Image Signing

Digital fingerprinting to docker images while storing keys in HSMs.

Firmware Code Signing

Sign any type of firmware binaries to authenticate the manufacturer to avoid firmware code tampering

Key features at a glance

Strongly Secured Private Keys

Code Signing private keys never leave the FIPS certified encrypted storage systems (HSMs) during the Code Signing operation

Ease in Code Signing

Ease in Code Signing as certificate management for Code Signing certificates is automated.

Faster Code Signing Process

Expedited Code Signing process, as Code Signing occurs locally on the build machine

Reporting and Audit features

Reporting and auditing features for full visibility on all private key access and usage to InfoSec and compliance teams


Encryption Consulting offers maximum flexibility for the deployment of CodeSign Secure. We help
customers deploy CodeSign Secure both on-premise or in the cloud and can accommodate deployments in SaaS,
PaaS, or IaaS environments as well.

Case Study

Encryption Consulting assisted a Financial institution to implement our personalized code signing solution.


"CodeSign Secure is the most flexible codesigning tool we have seen. It helps us in securing our code-signing process, where our teams are working from multiple remote locations"

VP - DevOps, Analytics Product Startup


Why Sign Code – Business Benefits

Code signing is the process of applying a digital signature to any software program that is intended for release and distribution to another party or user


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