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CodeSign Secure

Why Code-Signing?

Integrity Check

  • Ensures software authenticity.
  • Guards against malware injection.
  • Builds user trust.

Comply with CA/Browser Forum

  • Meets industry standards and regulations.
  • Requires secure hardware for key storage.
  • Avoids penalties and maintain trust.

Security Enhancement

  • Prevents unauthorized code modifications.
  • Secures software distribution.
  • Mitigates supply chain attacks.

Experience Secure Code-Signing with Unparalleled Benefits

Cloud-Based HSM Key Management

Cloud-Based HSM Key Management

Securely manage and safeguard private signing keys in a certified, cloud, on-premise and hybrid HSM.

Policy Enforcement

Centrally manage private keys, define strict policies, monitor usage, and delegate signing responsibilities for robust code-signing practices.

Policy Enforcement
Dev Ops CI/CD Integration

Dev Ops CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate & streamline workflows for efficient, hands-free code-signing.

Encryption Consulting's CodeSign Secure platform provides unmatched security with high performance for all your software code-signing cryptographic needs.

Gain Insights on our Advanced Code Signing Solution, Empowering You to Safeguard Software Integrity, Establish Authenticity, and Enhance Security with Confidence and Ease.

CA/Browser Forum Compliance

Benefit from FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM compliance to meet the CA/Browser Forum's June 1, 2023 requirement.

HSM Proxy Security

Proxy-based access to HSM, safeguarding private keys, ensuring integrity, and establishing trust for your code-signing process.

Client Side Hashing

Streamline code-signing to ensure high-performance, fast, and secure signing with our client side hashing without the need for large file uploads to the server.

Timestamp Security

Elevate trust and longevity with secure timestamps for code signatures, supporting RFC 3161 and Authenticode standards.

Flexible Multi-Format Code-Signing

Seamlessly sign any file format, from PDFs and XML to MS Authenticode and Java (including Android and JAR signing), all in one platform.

Secure and Flexible Access Controls

Ensure code-signing security with diverse access methods, including X.509 certificates, OAuth, basic authentication, and IP filtering.

Comprehensive Signed Audit Trails

Ensure transparency and accountability with our CodeSign Secure's easily audited, comprehensive, and signed logs, tracking every transaction and signing action.

Advanced Integration

Advance Integrations
Advance Integrations
Google Cloud Platform
Azure DevOps
Github Actions
APK Signer

Key Features

One Platform for all Code-Signing Use Cases

Windows Signing

Digitally sign documents using keys that are secured in your HSMs.

Apple Signing

Sign all your Mac OS software, tools, updates, utilities, and applications.

Linux Signing

RPM package to ensure authenticity and integrity throughout the software supply chain.

Docker & Container Image Signing

Digital fingerprinting to docker images while storing keys in HSMs.

Firmware Code Signing

Sign any type of firmware binaries to authenticate the manufacturer to avoid firmware code tampering

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Do CodeSign Secure store the log for compliance?

Yes, CodeSign Secure stores the log of every activity, and that information is readily available to IT and Compliance teams.

Is my private key protected by CodeSign Secure? If yes, then how?

Using CodeSign Secure, even during a code-signing operation, your keys never leave a safe encrypted storage location, protecting them.

Does Codesign Secure support signing in the CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, the native signing tools that may be used from any CI/CD pipeline are supported by Codesign Secure.

Codesign Secure supports which certificate authorities (CA)?

Codesign Secure supports any of the Certification Authority within its certificate processing capabilities, such as DigiCert, Sectigo, Symantec, Entrust, etc.

What types of files can be signed using CodeSign Secure?

CodeSign Secure can be used to sign a wide range of files and software applications. In general, any file that is executable or that contains code can be signed using code-signing, such as Executable files (.exe), Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll), Java applets (.jar), Script files (.bat, .vbs, .ps1), Installer packages (.msi, .dmg, .pkg), Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices (.ipa, .apk), etc.

Is CodeSign Secure compatible with multiple operating systems?

Yes, CodeSign Secure is compatible with multiple operating systems as long as the code-signing certificate used is recognized by the operating systems that the software is intended to run on.

How does CodeSign Secure ensure the authenticity of signed code?

CodeSign ensures the authenticity of signed code through the use of digital signatures. When a code is signed using a code-signing certificate, a digital signature is generated using the private key associated with the certificate. This digital signature is unique to the signed code and can be used to verify that the code has not been modified or tampered with since it was signed.

Code-Signing also provides additional assurance of authenticity by allowing users to verify the identity of the signing entity. Code-signing certificates are issued by trusted certificate authorities (CAs), which have verified the identity of the entity requesting the certificate.

Can I use the code-signing product to sign code for distribution outside my organization?

Yes, you can use CodeSign Secure to sign a code for distribution outside of your organization; it’s important to choose an appropriate product, keep your signing certificate secure, and be aware of any additional requirements for distribution on different platforms or channels.

Is there a limit to the number of certificates or signatures that can be created with Codesign Secure?

There is no inherent limit to the number of certificates or signatures that can be created with Codesign Secure. However, it may limit the number of certificates or signatures that can be created based on licensing or other factors.

Can I use Codesign Secure for open-source projects?

Yes, you can use CodeSign Secure for open-source projects. Code-Signing can provide an additional layer of security and trust for users who download and use your open-source software.

When you sign your open-source software with a code-signing certificate, you are essentially vouching for the authenticity and integrity of the code. This can help prevent malicious actors from tampering with the code or distributing malware in your software.

Can I sign a code from a remote server using your code-signing product?

Codesign Secure support signing code on a remote server. However, you may need to configure the product and the server to enable remote signing.

Can I use your code-signing product to sign codes for mobile apps?

Yes, and it is highly recommended too. Mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms are typically signed with a code-signing certificate to establish the identity of the app and to ensure the integrity of the code.

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