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Hardware Security Modules provide protection and strong authentication with cryptographic processing and the use of digital keys inside a physical computing device. This device offers an isolated, tamperproof environment which can create and secure cryptographic keys and protect critical cryptographic operations, while enforcing self-implemented policies over these important encryption keys.

Hardware Security Modules can be used in various industries to meet security compliance requirements and securely protect data. For instance, the payment card industry released the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.0 (PCI DSS) involving vigorous steps on accepting, acquiring, transmitting, processing, or storing cardholder data. HSM’s enable a business to meet all of these PCI DSS requirements and securely protect sensitive data.

Our Expertise

We are experienced in working with HSMs and assessing the maturity of HSM environments. We’ll look at your specific use case, your business requirements, and your key management goals, while providing recommendations for current and future HSM initiatives. By partnering with the industry’s market leaders in HSM technology, we operate with the latest software releases, best feature/functionality, and top engineering support. This approach enables our customers to achieve their key protection goals without pitfalls and restarts.

HSM environments
Hardware Security Module (HSM) infrastructure

Infrastructure Assessment

Encryption Consulting can help you assess your current Hardware Security Module (HSM) infrastructure while applying the best practices of the market leading HSMs.

Below are the objectives of a Hardware Security Module(HSM) Assessment. We strive to follow every objective in every engagement:

  • Understand the current state of HSM systems, processes, and use cases across the organization
  • Assess the maturity of the HSM environment against a defined framework and comparative organizations
  • Provide observations and recommendations regarding current and future HSM initiatives to help achieve customer’s desired future state capabilities
What We Offer

Design / Implementation

Encryption Consulting has 10+ years of experience working with, designing, and implementing estates of Thales-SafeNet, nCipher, and Utimaco hardware security modules. We help customers achieve FIPS 140-L2/L3 certified protection by following the best practices of the industry.

FIPS 140-L2/L3

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See how Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing their current practices.

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HSM Training

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) course is recommended for anyone using, managing, deploying or designing Encryption and Key Management solutions with HSM components.

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