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As organizations move their workloads to the cloud in order to drive efficiency, they must consider how to do so with security in mind. That’s where we can help by providing the expertise organizations need to choose a cloud key management solution with the right features for their security needs

The lower costs and greater flexibility offered by cloud services is driving the adoption of Cloud. As data storage on public and private cloud becomes the norm, cloud security will move to the forefront for most enterprise security teams.

Our Expertise

Encryption Consulting’s consultants are experts in proper encryption Key Management. As businesses move their workloads to the cloud, they will face important choices in retaining control of their Keys. Do you want your keys to reside in the cloud provider’s infrastructure accessibly only by you?. Do you want your keys stored in software or in an HSM (hardware security module)? We’ll educate you on all of your options and recommend the best key management solution for your unique needs.

AWS Data Protection Service

AWS Data Protection Assessment

Our expert team will ensure that your environment is assessed with appropriate framework tailored to your requirements. We will review the documentation and perform workshops to understand the current state. We perform the following activities:

  • Review Documentation
  • Develop Assessment Framework
  • Conduct Workshops/Interviews
  • Provide Recommendation

AWS Data Protection Strategy

We provide you with an extensively comprehensive Strategy and Roadmap for AWS Cloud Data Protection. Based on your existing security landscape and desired target state we will design the Strategy and Roadmap based on Industry best practices and standards.

  • Understand Current State
  • Develop Strategy & Roadmap
  • Provide Risk Prioritization – “Do-Now”, “Do-Next”, “Do-Later”

AWS Data Protection Implementation

We posses technical capability in implementing the data protection controls and technologies for your AWS Cloud Environment. Based on your needs and regulatory requirements, we will design and implement the data protection plan as per the strategic roadmap. Our implementation capabilities include but not restricted to below Data Protection controls:

  • Data Discovery in AWS Cloud
  • Data Classification
  • CASB/Data Loss Prevention for AWS
  • AWS Key Management
  • AWS Certificate Management
  • PKI in AWS

MS Azure Key Vault

GCP Data Protection Service

We helped a leading healthcare brand to improving their encryption channels and framework…

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AWS Crypto Training

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