A customizable, and high assurance PKI solution (On-prem and Cloud) designed and built to the highest standards.

PKI As A Service

Why Choose Our PKIaaS?

Resource Challenges

  • It is difficult to find and retain skilled personnel to manage traditional PKI systems.
  • The demand for expertise is rising with the increasing machine identities.
  • There are rising operational challenges with scarce and expensive crypto expertise.

Modernization Demands

  • Legacy PKI systems require extensive help to adapt to modern architectures such as microservices and IoT deployments.
  • The standards and best practices constantly change and need continuous updates and accordance
  • PKI as a service provides a scalable and easy-to-update platform that meets all your modern IT infrastructures’ needs.

Security Assurance

  • Regulatory standards and compliance mandates follow stringent encryption protocols and security frameworks.
  • Increasing time, upfront investment, and continuous maintenance required to meet compliance.
  • PKI as a Service offers pre-configured solutions that meet all standards and regulations easily.

Experience the Ease of PKI Management with Unparalleled Benefits

Expertise on Demand

Expertise on Demand

We provide you with dedicated security experts for flexible, consistent support that frees up your internal teams to focus on your core projects.

Cost and Complexity Reduction

Outsourcing your PKI management reduces operational costs by eliminating the cost of hardware purchases, software installations, and ongoing maintenance.

Cost and Complexity Reduction
Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily scale your security infrastructure with automated support for DevOps, Cloud, and IoT deployments.

Key Features

Multiple Deployment Options To Choose From

We build and manage PKI infrastructure customized to meet your business requirements. We understand that every organization has unique needs, and we offer three deployment options to build your PKI architecture that is just right for you.


Enhance your digital security by implementing Encryption Consulting's managed PKI within your organization’s infrastructure.


Enhance security and establish digital identities for your users using Encryption Consulting's PKI as a Service, reducing costs.


Experience a fully customized PKI solution with our managed and hosted services.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage of PKI, can I get PKI-as-a-Service?

The product is suitable for customers who already have an existing PKI infrastructure or are planning for a new PKI infrastructure.

What additional services are provided with PKI-as-a-Service?

Additional services provided with PKI-as-a-Service are Root CA and Sub CA certificate lifecycle management advice, Policy or certificate profile advice, Root maintenance, and Root migration/rollover.

How does PKI-as-a-Service reduce cost and complexity?

PKI-as-a-Service offers quicker deployment, fewer in-house issues, reduces spending for in-house technologies, and periodic PKI assessments & training to ease the cost and complexity of managing PKI infrastructure in your organization.

Will my PKI solutions stay compliant with industry standards and regulations?

Our PKI solutions would fulfill all the compliance requirements, including FIPS and GDPR.

How will the privacy of my data be ensured?

We use our years of expertise and leverage the secure environments necessary to hold the Root Private Key offline and manage the signing of keys used for online RAs and issuing sub-CAs. All customers are provided with a PKI CA hierarchy (two-tier or three-tier) as per their business needs.

What level of scalability does PKI-as-a-Service offer?

We offer easy scalability with high PKIaaS. We ensure trusted users' availability and geographic redundancy on the network to access any data.

What level of support is offered for PKI-as-a-Service?

An advanced PKI expertise will be assigned to your organization, 24*7*365 support service, and consistency and flexibility to meet your organization's demands.

Can PKI-as-a-Service be integrated with our existing systems?

PKI-as-a-Service can be integrated with key enterprise applications like AD, auto-enroll, SIEM tool, and more.

Can the service be customized to meet my specific business requirements?

The PKI is formatted to your specifications to ensure it fulfills all your business requirements.

Can PKI-as-a-Service be used in a hybrid cloud environment?

PKI-as-a-Service can be used both on-prem as well as on the cloud.

Can customers leverage Encryption Consulting's PKI environment for their PKIaaS offering?

Yes, Encryption Consulting offers its PKI environment to customers who need their own PKI infrastructure. It allows our customers to benefit from our PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) and use it to meet their cryptographic needs.

Who is Encryption Consulting?

A trusted name in the cyber security industry that offers customer-focused solutions and services with expertise in encryption technologies and data protection solutions.

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