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Does your business have the need to encrypt large amounts of data-at-rest found in structured databases or in unstructured files across physical, cloud, or both types of environments? Do you want to protect data without disruptive changes to applications or business practices? Let Encryption Consulting help guide you on your selection and/or implementation of an enterprise encryption platform.

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MicroFocus Voltage SecureData

Voltage SecureData provides an end-to-end data-centric approach to enterprise data protection. It is one of the only comprehensive data protection platforms that enables you to protect data over its entire lifecycle—from the point at which it’s captured, throughout its movement across your extended enterprise, all without exposing live information to high-risk, high-threat environments.

Our Expertise

At Encryption Consulting, we have a thorough understanding and experience in data-centric encryption and tokenization. The MicroFocus Voltage Secure Data product allows your organization to develop a data-centric security system, and we can make this transition a much smoother process with our knowledge of the product and process.

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CipherTrust Manager

CipherTrust Manager enables organizations to centrally manage encryption keys for Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform and third-party products. It simplifies key lifecycle management tasks, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, and deletion.

Our Expertise

At Encryption Consulting, we have immense experience in key management system, data-centric encryption and tokenization. Through CipherTrust Manager, you will be able to centrally manage keys for multiple on-premises data stores and cloud infrastructures, protect sensitive data and securely store master keys with highest root of trust.

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Protegrity Platform

Protegrity Data Protection Platform, safeguards privacy, ensures data is protected everywhere, and fuels innovation with secure AI. It allows businesses to secure sensitive data and maintain the highest level of data privacy and compliance. It has various data protection methods such as tokenization, encryption, anonymization which secures data across all environments thereby bolstering business confidence.

Our Expertise

Experts at Encryption Consulting thoroughly understand Protegrity’s Data protection platform and have over 10 years of experience working with the industry’s leading platforms. Implementing this solution will help businesses ensure ubiquitous data protection and free them from the hurdles of remaining complaint with the regulatory mandates and industry best practices.

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Comforte Data Security Platform

Comforte offers a variety of data protection methods, including industry-standard-based data tokenization, encryption, next-generation format-preserving encryption, data masking, and hashing. Protection methods by comforte can secure any sensitive structured data while preserving the meaning, utility, and value of live data in your environment. It captures the data at its earliest entry point and reduces the need to expose the data over the entire data lifecycle.

Our Expertise

At Encryption Consulting, we have demonstrated experience with Comforte’s Data Security platform and can help implement this product in your environment.

SecurDPS platform enables organizations to understand all of their sensitive data assets, gain a unique and powerful perspective for planning privacy compliance, implement cloud migrations, and then measure breach risks in a quantitative manner. It helps businesses to integrate all data protection capabilities in enterprise applications and existing cyber security infrastructure to achieve a data-centric security system.

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HashiCorp Vault Platform

HashiCorp Vault is an identity-based secrets and encryption management system. Vault validates and authorizes clients (users, machines, apps) before providing them access to secrets or stored sensitive data.

Vault is designed to help your organization to control access to sensitive secrets such as password, keys, API tokens, OTPs etc. and transmit them safely within the organization including provisioning of a unilateral interface to manage every secret in your Public Cloud/Private Cloud/On-prem infrastructure while minimizing the risk to secret breaches.

Our Expertise

At Encryption Consulting, we have extensive experience working with HashiCorp Vault and managing both machine and user identity.

The shift from static, on-premises infrastructure to dynamic, multi-provider infrastructure unfolds the change in approach to security and gives emergence to Vault based secret management.

By Implementing this solution, enterprises can leverage Vault’s data encryption, key management, secret storage, identity based access and various other use cases to strengthen their data security as well secret management capability.

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