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"Attacks exploiting Digital Certificates increased by 700% in last 5 Years"

- Study by Venafi
Encryption Consulting’s CertSecure Manager is an all-in-one solution for enterprises looking for a certificate management tool providing seamless implementation across cloud-native environment.
With CertSecure Manager enterprises can simplify their management of certificates across various technologies and in varied multi-cloud environments.

It is essential to understand what certificate lifecycle is and how CertSecure Manager effectively manages each stage of the certificate lifecycle.

Certificate Life Cycle


Certificate Issuance

In this stage, CSR is generated by the user and certificate is provided or issued by a Certificate Authority (CA)


Certificate Monitoring

In this phase the issued certificate is constantly monitored for any existing criticality and for ensuring if the certificate is being correctly used in the enterprise systems’ or not.


Certificate Expiry

In this phase, when the certificate is about to expire, CertSecure Manager allows you to choose whether to renew it or not. Based on your preferences and the type of certificate being managed, you can create policies that allow certificates to automatically renew or not. The Auto Renew option can also be selected during CSR generation for automatic renewal of the certificate.


Certificate Renewal

If you want to renew a certificate, you can use CertSecure to generate the renewal request. If a certificate has reached the end of its lifecycle and does not require renewal, you can revoke or retire it to ensure that it is no longer used in production systems.

Key features

CertSecure Manager streamlines certificate management operations and becomes the single and centralized console for managing all certificates across the organization.


The workflow feature will allow to manage approval requests. User can manage and monitor pending approval request or view the history of approved or rejected requests.

Managing Policies

CertSecure allows its administrators to define and enforce various policies which helps team in adhering to the organization’s business processes and manage reports such as certificate inventory report, Expiration report, Signing algorithm report, Validity period report.

Alerting & Reporting

CertSecure Manager comes with built-in alerts for various events like upcoming certificate expiry. These alerts can be displayed on the dashboard, delivered via emails for manual actions or Simple network management protocol (SNMP) traps for automation.

Cloud PKIaaS

CertSecure’s PKIaaS enables businesses to quickly set up a robust and secure CA hierarchy, as well as other crypto policies, without having to invest in expensive PKI hardware. Secure CAs are hosted in the cloud thereby allowing all procedures to be carried out virtually while remaining safe and secure

Audit and compliance

All certificate and configuration change events are logged which makes it easier for businesses to comply with industry compliances, both internally and externally.

End-to-End automation

CertSecure provides automation right from certificate issuance or renewal to provisioning of the certificate to the application using it.

IoT Devices Enrollment

With this feature of CertSecure, enterprises can design and manufacture devices securely. Device manufacturers can request certificates and provide unique trusted identities onto connected devices.

Granular access control

CertSecure uses a multi-layered and granular access control approach where access to every functionality in the certificate lifecycle (monitoring, renewal, issuance, expiry, provisioning) can be configured based on the role of a user or person.

Cloud key management

This feature of CertSecure allows enterprises to get centralized control of all asymmetric and symmetric keys in multi-cloud environments.

Code Signing

Encryption Consulting’s CertSecure makes it easier for enterprises to securely sign any code. It also helps in securing code-signing keys in built-in cloud HSM

Service mesh

In CertSecure Manager, service mesh adds reliability, Observability and security features by managing the way communication happens between services.

Visibility into Kubernetes

CertSecure helps in better understanding enterprise’s Kubernetes environment by constantly comparing it with customisable 50+ predefined rules for any misconfigurations which may pose security threat to the organisation.


Encryption Consulting offers maximum flexibility for the deployment of CertSecure Manager on different Cloud platforms and Kubernetes Clusters.

Case Study

Encryption Consulting assisted a Retail customer to implement our personalized certificate lifecycle management solution.


"CertSecure Manager allowed us to automate the entire certificate management process in AWS and provided great visibility in Kubernetes clusters".

VP - Data Protection, Retail customer


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