BigQuery Protector provides a way to access and store data into the database while keeping the database encrypted. The tool provides the option to decrypt the data while extracting infomation from the database, or encrypting data while inserting into the database.

BigQuery Protector is made on Google Cloud Platform and thus provides the ability to use the Big Query Data Analytics Platform.

  • Keeps the Database encrypted at all times
  • Query on encrypted SQL Database
  • Help customer achieve compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GPDR, CCPA, NYDFS and other regulations.


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Format Preserving Encryption
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FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Compliant

How does it work?

BigQuery Protector works with the help of the Google Cloud Platform. The users can use Google Cloud shell to interact with BigQuery protector where they can query the encrypted database without decrypting the database, and they can decrypt a single data without having to fully decrypt the database.

BigQuery Protector keeps the database encrypted while having the option to query the database and perform other data analytics operations on the encrypted database. Format Preserving Encryption is used when inserting new data which protects any sensitive data in the database, while still allowing the data to be queried through BigQuery.

How can we use BigQuery Protector?

BigQuery Protector can be deployed as containerized service or as a library embedded with other services,which provides a way to access the encrypted data on the fly without compromising performance or security.

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