These courses are available for onsite delivery at your organization or as an open-enrollment workshop in locations around the world.

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PKI Training

There is a strong emphasis on

  • PKI Governance

  • PKI Design best practices

  • Certificate Lifecycle Management process

  • PKI operations and hands-on skills lab

PKI course is recommended for anyone using or managing certificates, designing or deploying a PKI enterprise solution, or evaluating & selecting a commercial PKI Technology Solution.

HSM Training

We recommend this course for individuals who want to learn how to set up, deploy and monitor Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from:

  • nCipher

  • Thales-e-Security/Safenet

  • Utimaco

  • Cloud HSM

Students will get hands-on, practical training and will learn the fundaments of hardened HSM key management for your organization.

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