"4.1 billion: Number of data records compromised during just the first six months of 2019."

(2019 State of Security Operations – MicroFocus)

HSM Training

We recommend this course for individuals who want to learn how to set up, deploy and monitor Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from:
Students will get hands-on, practical training and will learn the fundaments of hardened HSM key management for your organization.

PKI Training

There is a strong emphasis on

PKI course is recommended for anyone using or managing certificates, designing or deploying a PKI enterprise solution, or evaluating & selecting a commercial PKI Technology Solution.

AWS Crypto Training Course

This course demonstrates how to efficiently use AWS Cloud Crypto services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud. The course focuses on the data security best practices as per AWS and industry standards for enhancing the security of Cloud data and complementing Cloud Data governance.
The course highlights the security features of AWS Cryptographic and PKI services, including AWS ACM Private CA, AWS KMS, AWS CloudHSM, and data encryption methods.

“The training allowed me to deepen my understanding of ADCS and boost my confidence as the PKI administrator for my enterprise. Great company and training! By far the best in the market.”

Edward Philipe, Security Operations

Onsite Training

Along with online training courses, we also offer on-site training programs. We deliver a tailor made training program to fit your needs, and to address customization based on any additional training the customer needs.

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