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Case Study – CertSecure Manager

Challenge Solution Benefits
  • No Certificate discovery and tracking mechanism.
  • Manual Certificate revocation process.
  • No tracking of private keys and certificate usage.
  • No monitoring of certificate expiration and renewal processes.
  • Certificate requests for IoT devices and Kubernetes clusters was a manual process.
  • Certificate distribution was a manual process.
  • No auditing on the keysize and signing algorithm used by the Certificates.
  • Multiple PKIs running in the environment and lack of visibility on the PKIs.
  • No visibility on the key regeneration process.
  • Deployed CertSecure Manager for managing certificates across multi-cloud environments and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Allowed administrators to define policies adhering to organization’s business policies.
  • Allowed users to manage and monitor certificate requests.
  • Provided granular access control for end-to-end certificate lifecycle management based on user or role.
  • Provided visibility into Kubernetes environment.
  • Centralized certificate lifecycle management solution for multi-cloud and Kubernetes.
  • Granular access control system based on user or role.
  • Customizable workflows to manage and monitor certificate requests.
  • Extensive reporting functionalities to provide visibility into certificate usage and enterprise security posture.

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