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Data Protection Program

Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing current practices and developing encryption use cases and a strategy to protect data at rest and data in use, including on-premise and in the cloud in the customer’s environment for a proper data protection program. Please see the table below for full details:

Challenges Solution Benefits
  • No documented data security requirements
  • No regular updates to data classification and handling polices
  • No review of data protection use cases
  • No defined implementation roadmap for data protection technologies
  • Gained understanding in the sensitive data flow around data management platforms and integrated customer data sources
  • Evaluated existing data control capabilities
  • Identified areas of improvement
  • Created technical and governance data security requirements that are applicable to various data platforms
  • Developed use cases to facilitate the selection and evaluation of potential encryption or compensating control solutions.
  • Well documented and consolidated data security requirements
  • Future implementation roadmap plans for Data Protection technology landscapes
  • Periodic review process for data protection framework

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