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HSM-As-A-Service case study

Encryption Consulting has assisted various organizations in implementing and deploying a new HSM environment as well as maintaining their existing environment for various use cases. Please find the Case Study table for the same below:

Challenges Solution Benefits
The lack of belief in the usage of electronic documents outside of the organization’s boundaries. Using HSMs to sign, timestamp, and encrypt the contents will preserve the documents’ legitimacy and privacy. Swift and simple implementation increases security without requiring any development work.
Keeping the private key safely stored within a large organization. Deploying an HSM provides a secure environment for the primary keys’ storage as well as their safe use. Ensures the safety of private key storage while ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness with fast implementation.
To provide an effective cloud solution for the financial services industry. By Deploying HSMs, Organizations have been able to offer the highest level of security for the cryptographic keys used to encrypt client data. Offers a productive cloud solution that has been audited and found to comply with all applicable regulatory obligations.
Creating a Public Key Infrastructure built on top-of-the-line hardware i.e., having robust, flexible, and high availability features. Deploying HSMs as the Root of Trust for robust performance, availability, and scalability. Provides the highest possible standards along with being On-Time and Under Budget.
Process the new e-identity documents while shortening the processing time. Utilizing various layers of access control, using hardened security with the use of HSMs. High performance, availability, and data throughput capabilities.

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