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Optimizing Certificate Management in Healthcare with CertSecure Manager

Automated monitoring and maintenance of certificates

In the high-stakes environment of the healthcare industry, maintaining the security and efficient operation of Digital Certificates is a critical task. A leading healthcare company found itself grappling with an intricate, manual approach to certificate management that left it vulnerable to data breaches and operational inefficiencies.

They tracked certificates manually using spreadsheets and processed client Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) through traditional methods. The lack of enterprise-wide certificate visibility exposed them to certificate expiration risks, compounded by administrative challenges as critical alerts went unnoticed. In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by the healthcare company and explore how Encryption Consulting’s CertSecure Manager transformed their certificate management.

Certificate lifecycle management.
Challenge Solution Benefits
Administrative bottlenecks and extensive approval processes slowed down the certificate enrollment process. CertSecure Manager streamlines certificate issuance and renewal, providing complete automation. This enhanced automation ensures the reliability and availability of certificates, eliminating manual bottlenecks and expediting the certificate lifecycle.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced certificate provisioning time by 70-80%.
Inadequate visibility into the extensive certificate landscape led to unexpected outages CertSecure Manager offers seamless integration with NESSUS and other certificate discovery tools, enabling intelligent environment monitoring and the identification of vulnerabilities, such as expired or weak certificates, to streamline and automate the certificate lifecycle management process.
  • Eliminated certificate blind spots
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance of certificates
Difficulty in ascertaining certificate ownership and accountability. CertSecure Manager enhances certificate ownership visibility through detailed inventory records. It enables ownership transfer and the creation of a watchers’ list, improving accountability.
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Simplified ownership transfer
Limited access to detailed certificate information in a comprehensive format under a single pane of glass. CertSecure Manager offers a unified certificate inventory dashboard that allows customization of 79 unique certificate properties, including usage, identity, and various attributes. Moreover, the ability to export this comprehensive certificate data as a CSV file adds convenience and flexibility to the management process
  • Improved control and insight into certificates
  • Increased flexibility in certificate report customization


CertSecure Manager empowers organizations to overcome the intricate challenges of certificate management, making it especially crucial in sectors like healthcare. With comprehensive solutions for certificate discovery, automation, standardized PKI processes, intelligent monitoring, and detailed inventory, CertSecure Manager significantly enhances security and operational efficiency. By addressing the specific needs of healthcare organizations, it ensures the seamless management of TLS certificates, safeguarding critical data and patient information while streamlining certificate processes.

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