Code Signing Solution – CodeSign Secure

CodeSign Secure provides a secure and flexible solution to your code-signing needs for all Operating Systems, including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Docker, and Android/iOS apps. Digitally signed code ensures that the software running on computers and devices can be trusted and has not been tampered with in transit.

Code signing is a process to confirm the authenticity and originality of digital information, such as a piece of software code. It assures this digital information is valid and establishes the legitimacy of the author. CodeSign Secure works to protect your data-in-transit while authenticating the signer to the receiver.

    CodeSign Secure’s Features

    CodeSign Secure currently has the following features implemented:

    • The keys used to sign are protected by your choice of HSM, – nCipher, Utimaco, or Safenet
    • Policies and workflows are defined to secure and streamline your job submission and approval process
    • Your existing virus and malware scans can be integrated systematically
    • Developed on an open REST API, allowing for custom integrations and requirements.
    • CodeSign Secure supports signing Windows, Macintosh, Docker, APK, JAR, and RPM packages

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