CertSecure Manager works to ensure every digital certificate, across all of an organization’s Cloud environments and Kubernetes Clusters, are being properly managed. CertSecure Manager provides a method of seamlessly automating the management of certificates across any multi-cloud environment. Certificates are managed in all of the different stages of the certificate lifecycle, from certificate issuance and monitoring to certificate expiry and renewal. Ensuring all certificates are properly implemented and kept secure is vital to the security of an organization, and CertSecure Manager removes the need to have an entire team dedicated to the discovery and management of digital certificates.

If digital certificates are manually managed, there is a lot more room for human error where a certificate may expire without any team members noticing, causing long-term service outages within that organization. Another reason that proper certificate management needs to be in place is that if a certificate were to be stolen and misused by a threat actor, then malicious code may be able to be sent out to other users in the network. Misused digital certificates account for a massive number of malware attacks in recent years.

    CertSecure Manager’s Features

    CertSecure Manager has a number of features in place currently, including:

    • Workflow management to approve the creation and use of digital certificates
    • Multi-cloud key management is in place, providing a central location to manage all keys within a multi-cloud environment
    • Users have strong visibility into Kubernetes Clusters within the organization
    • Any changes made to configurations or certificates themselves
    • Granular access control and IoT device enrollment are also available within CertSecure Manager

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