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Case Study – CASB Assessment and Deployment

cloud access security broker
Inadequate visibility into activity in cloud applications – both sanctioned and unsanctionedGained understanding of both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, rated them according to customers’ security risk, and selected those that conform to their risk tolerance.Maximises cloud security by monitoring cloud activity.
Inability to enforce security policies on enterprise cloud servicesExtended the reach of customers’ on-prem security policies to the cloud.Ensures compliance and data privacy.
Lack of integration with other security tools and solutionsExtended coverage of on-prem DLP to the cloudIdentifies data loss channels in the organisation.
Inability to identify risky usersHelped organisation in identifying risky user behaviour such as data exfiltration and file oversharingAnalyses and disables accounts indicating malicious activity.
No defined implementation roadmap for CASB technologies.
  • Developed use cases and requirements for CASB solution.
  • Performed vendor analysis.
  • Developed a detailed implementation plan including high-level architectural diagram.
  • Implemented the CASB solution.
Ensures the secure and compliant use of cloud apps and services.

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