Encryption Consulting Success Story

How We Helped a Leading Fortune 500 Retail Company Forge a Long-Term Partnership in Building a Secure Environment

The Company’s Requirements

 The company approached us to provide support for its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system. They wanted our team of experts to manage their PKI across multiple countries to ensure seamless operations. They required active monitoring, alerting, and disaster recovery capabilities to prevent global outages.

Solutions Provided by Us


We offered our PKI-as-a-Service solution and assigned a dedicated team to proactively monitor their infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations. In case of any incidents, a separate team was promptly deployed to handle the situation and restore operations as quickly as possible. During the first year of service, there were incidents resulting in global outages, all of which were resolved within an hour.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, one incident took around 12 hours to resolve, and our experts provided the company with the utmost attention to ensure a swift resolution. By effectively addressing frequent operational outages, we significantly improved their global operations, leading them to renew their contract for the second year.

PKI Upgradation

After a successful partnership, the company requested additional services to establish a more secure and advanced PKI infrastructure.

The reasons for upgrading to the latest version of PKI were as follows:

  • Their existing version was reaching end-of-life.
  • They needed enhanced architecture.
  • They aimed to comply with all relevant regulations and compliance standards.

We facilitated a seamless migration to the latest version of PKI, enabling the company to build a new and robust PKI infrastructure.

Certificate Management Solution

Given the company’s substantial size, several challenges had to be addressed to establish a secure PKI environment, including:

  • Proactive monitoring of Root CA certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) expirations.
  • Centralized management and monitoring of the PKI infrastructure.
  • Efficient enrollment of certificates for various application owners.
  • Automated certificate enrollment on devices.
  • Enforcement of issuance policies.
  • Customized alerts for certificate expirations to users and application owners.
  • Active monitoring of issuing CA certificate expirations.

To overcome these challenges, we collaborated closely with the company to implement our comprehensive certificate management solution as we continue to provide our second year of service of PKI-as-a-Service.

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