Encryption Consulting Study on Global Encryption Trends - 2022

Compare your organization’s encryption strategy with the global firm’s trend and understand the data protection strategies across multi-dimensional platform analysis.

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This year’s responses to our survey from those in the encryption field are made up of 50% who use an overarching encryption strategy, as opposed to a partial encryption strategy. The trend seen in organizations with a partial encryption strategy is decreasing, as they are moving towards a holistic encryption strategy for their firms.
The global average of adoption of an organization-wide encryption strategy is 50 percent.
The major focus options for upcoming encryption trends is on the following four options:
  • Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)
  • Blockchain technology
  • Homomorphic Encryption
  • Quantum crypto-agile solutions.
Around 60% of those who responded to our survey are using encryption for the purpose of protecting customers’ personal information. 50% of the respondents mentioned that they use encryption to protect information against specific, identified threats, and 49% use it for the protection of enterprise intellectual property.
As per Encryption Consulting’s survey findings, Key management, System performance, and Policy Enforcement are considered to be most critical and are given higher priority when compared to other encryption features.
55% of organizations said compliance with privacy and data security requirements is their top driver for implementing HSMs.
63% of respondents say their organizations are leveraging cloud platforms (public and/ or private) for storing & processing sensitive data.

Key Focus Points

  • High Level Trend Analysis
  • Future Encryption Trend
  • Deployment Options
  • Key Drivers For Encryption
  • Barriers For Adoption
  • Top Priority Encryption Features And Data Types
  • Key Management Analysis
  • High Level View On HSMs*
  • Cloud Encyption

Organizations across the globe are now prioritizing encryption for securing their sensitive data.


of survey respondents mentioned that Encryption is majorly used for protecting customers PII