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PKI & IoT Trends Survey ‐ 2023

A study on global usage trends on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Internet of Things (IoT) along with their application possibilities. Some of the countries that participated in the encryption consulting survey are: United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia

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PKI & IoT Trends Survey - 2023

The survey focus is on practices used to secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authorities (CAs).

  • About 61% of the respondents are leveraging multi-factor authentication for protecting their infrastructure. This is a 2% increase from FY22.
  • This survey report primarily focuses on the impact and influence of cloud computing, the Internet of Things and major industry trends on the cyber security and its best practice in FY23.
  • The Internet of Things, which is the current fast-growing trend, is a major factor chosen by 51% of the respondents. This is a 2% increase from FY22.
PKI & IoT Trends Survey - 2023 datasheet

Types of PKI deployment for IoT credentialing

Internet of Things is prospected to popularize in the digital space. Public Key Infrastructure is also expected to play a crucial role in this space in FY23. Responses from the firms that participated in the survey confirm the same. IoT devices are spread across locations and firms are leveraging.


Hybrid Mode


Majority ‐ Cloud


Majority ‐ OnPrem


of the total respondents mentioned that OCSP: Online Certificate Status Protocol is being leveraged for the certificate revocation process.


of the respondents favored Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for managing their root/policy CA private keys.


eported that they utilize HSMs in offline CA to protect their keys, while only 34% indicated that they use HSMs with Online CAs.

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