"4.1 billion: Number of data records compromised during just the first six months of 2019."

(2019 State of Security Operations – MicroFocus)

PKI as a Service

An efficient and secure way to manage access using trusted credentials. Get your own dedicated Microsoft PKI delivered as PKI As A Service, hosted in Azure.

Code Signing Solution – MyCodeSigner

myCodeSigner provides a secure and flexible solution to your code-signing needs for signing Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Docker and Android/iOS apps.

Our framework can be extended to protect any other code or document as requested by our customer.

Case Study

Encryption Consulting assisted a Financial institution to implement our personalized code signing solution.

"myCodeSigner is the most flexible codesigning tool we have seen. It helps us in securing our code-signing process, where our teams are working from multiple remote locations"

VP - DevOps, Analytics Product Startup


Why Sign Code – Business Benefits

Code signing is the process of applying a digital signature to any software program that is intended for release and distribution to another party or user


Security Considerations for Code Signing

Recent security-related incidents indicate the need for a secure software supply chain to protect software products

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