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Renewing IIS Certificate with CertSecure Manager

In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to renew a certificate on an IIS web server while requesting the certificate from CertSecure Manager. The process will involve manual renewal of the certificate on the server, and we will guide you through it clearly and concisely. By following the instructions closely, you will be able to successfully renew your certificate and ensure the security of your website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renew Certificate

To renew a certificate on the Apache Web Server for any website hosted on it, we can either generate a CSR from the CertSecure Manager itself or enroll a certificate directly from a pre-existing CSR. Cert Secure Manager helps to reduce the labor-intensive and time-consuming steps that are required to acquire a certificate from a certificate authority (CA).

Following the prescribed steps one can easily acquire a certificate from CertSecure Manager and renew it on desired website running on the Apache web server.

  1. Acquire a CSR from the IIS server
    1. Open your IIS server manager and select your machine. Select Server certificates and open the feature.

      Select Server Certificate in IIS Manager
    2. On the right-hand side, select Create Certificate Request.

      Select and Create Certificate in IIS Manager

      Fill out the necessary information and save the file with .txt format

      Save information and specify save as file name
  2. Login to your CertSecure Manager, and navigate to Enroll CSR in the Enrollment section present on the left side.

    Copy and paste the content of your CSR. Choose the desired CA and template to issue the certificate.

    Navigate to enroll CSR in Enrollment Section
  3. Navigate to the Enrollment Inventory and find your certificate (check tasks for your enrollment ID). Download the certificate and navigate to IIS again.
  4. Open Server certificates again and click on complete certificate request. select the certificate path and give your certificate a friendly name.

    Give Certificate path on IIS Server
  5. Now move to the website in IIS and choose binding. Select the certificate and port on which the certificate has to be bound

    Edit Site Binding in IIS Manager

    You will have a drop-down list to choose your preferred certificate.

  6. If you are using CertSecure manager for generating the CSR as well to need to download the PFX certificate and import the certificate in the server Certificates by right-clicking on the server certificate console.

    Import and Download PFX Certificate on IIS Manager


By following these simple steps, you can be confident in your ability to manually renew a certificate for any website that’s hosted on an IIS server. Don’t let certificate expirations slow you down – take control and renew them with ease using these proven steps.

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