Assessment Service

Encryption Consulting can help you assess your current AWS Key Management system based on NIST 800-57 and industry best practices and identify the areas of improvement within your current environment.

AWS on demand cloud computing service provides unique, customized solutions which includes Cloud readiness and managed migration within optimized cost.

The Coca-Cola Company has achieved 40 percent operational savings and has increased 50 percent operational efficiencies after migrating to AWS.

Our AWS cloud assessment is a post migration service that would identify and mediate any Data Protection risks and security gaps within the cloud environment. It would help to achieve a clear understanding of the cloud infrastructure and make it robust. Additionally, it would enable appropriate cost effective services and greater IT agility.


  • Understanding the risk appetite of the cloud environment, assessing the maturity and control requirements.
  • Preparing guideline document listing various key AWS services such as IAM, Amazon inspector, Amazon Macie etc.
  • Preparing DFDs, Data Lineage documents to get a bird eye view on the data transactions.
  • Providing methodologies to prepare cost estimation document for a robust and secure cloud service.

Service Increments

  • High-level service outline documentation
  • Maturity assessment framework
  • Risk Assessment Questionnaires
  • Control guideline document Infrastructure analysis
  • Roadmap and documentation on AWS tools
  • Cost estimation methodologies

Potential Outcome

With this service, an optimized and secure cloud environment could be achieved. From start-ups to high-end corporations, cloud migration has become a necessity. However, the market is getting saturated with unstable and vulnerable applications which at the end of the day do not yield much revenue as it puts the provider in risk. Hence, post migration data protection assessment services are an absolute necessity too. With this, the complete migration process becomes hassle free and high yielding as well.

AWS Cloud Data Protection Assessment document provides the cloud security adoption through phases. Risk and Control document identifies the list of possible risks and implementation of appropriate measures to mitigate or manage the risks that could lead to data breach or loss. Roadmap or guideline document includes details around various in-house AWS tools and connection between them such as Amazon Cognito, AWS firewall manager, AWS cloudHSM etc. for enhancing your Data Protection landscape across AWS environment.

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