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“Experts revealed that an unauthorized party compromised more than 200 million user records hosted somewhere within the U.S. in a Google Cloud database”

Introduction - GCP Data Protection Service
Organizations utilizing GCP web services and applications are responsible for securing their sensitive and critical data stored in the cloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides easy deployment and management of its IT operations; however, a challenge is that mistakes can lead to large data compromises. For instance, the misconfiguration of a data store can expose sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, or protected health information (PHI).  In a recent breach, a hacker gained access to a cloud database, hosted by Google, and wiped about 800 gigabytes of data. According to investigative reports, the hack included sensitive information such as phone numbers, full names, mortgages, tax records, and more.  Encryption Consulting LLC will help your organization with its expertise in Cloud platforms and security services in deploying data protection controls in your GCP Cloud environment.
Experts revealed that an unauthorized party compromised more than 200 million user records hosted somewhere within the U.S. in a Google Cloud database

Encryption Consulting LLC’s strategic framework will involve a three phased approach

Phase One

Assessment of the current security landscape of your GCP environment.

Phase Two

We develop a Strategic plan and roadmap for achieving the desired target state.

Phase Three

We will assist you in implementing the data protection domain recommendations, as per the strategic roadmap.

Strategic Framework - GCP Data Protection Service

What We Offer

Our expert team will ensure that your environment is assessed with appropriate framework tailored to your requirements. We will review the documentation and perform workshops to understand the current state. We will also:
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We provide you with an extensive Strategy and Roadmap for GCP Cloud Data Protection. Based on your existing security landscape and desired target state, we will design the Strategy and Roadmap based on Industry best practices and standards. We will also help you:
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We posses technical capability in implementing the data protection controls and technologies for your GCP Environment. Based on your needs and regulatory requirements, we will design and implement the data protection plan as per your strategic roadmap. Our implementation capabilities include, but are not restricted to, the Data Protection controls shown below:
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We helped a leading healthcare brand to improving their encryption channels and framework...


"Encryption Consulting created a roadmap for our organization after conducting the Assessment of our Encryption Environment which helped us remediate the high-risk area."

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