Encryption Technology Implementation Planning


"Nearly two-thirds (65%) of responding organizations reported a shortage of cybersecurity staff, with a lack of skilled or experienced security personnel their number one workplace concern (36%)."

(2019 Cybersecurity Workforce Study – ISC2)

After we’ve worked with a client to define their encryption strategy and roadmap we begin developing a comprehensive implementation plan. This planning includes program governance, modernization of IT or business processes, certificate lifecycle management, and encryption key management solutions. A thorough project management timeline and project plan is formulated based on the client’s goals and milestones.

Encryption-Consulting can help the organizations Implement tools and the steps for a high level approach are given below:

  • Develop use cases and identify common architectural patterns across the in-scope applications, databases, Big-data, cloud and storage devices and develop use cases for it
  • Develop reference architecture designs for each of the architectural patterns
  • Perform a pilot test for each of the controls and make changes in the reference architecture based on results
  • Group applications, databases, Big-data, cloud and storage devices are changed in phased by approach by following step-by-stepinto roll-out phases to avoid one time large-scale implementations which will also be useful to show incremental results to executives and management

Proof of concept and rfp development

Encryption-Consulting helps in conducting a Proof of Concept for a selected encryption tool to demonstrate the working of the tools with the technologies used by the clients and gauge if the performance and encryption security features is as expected in use cases.

Case Study

We helped a leading healthcare brand identify the strengths & weaknesses of their encryption infrastructure quickly.

“Encryption Consulting created a roadmap after conducting an Assessment of our environment which helped our organization remediate all of the high-risk areas identified."

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


Data protection in big data using encryption

Big Data is an emerging set of technologies enabling organizations a greater insight into their huge amount of data



The purpose of this research is to examine how the use of encryption has evolved over the past 15 years and the impact of this technology

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