Encryption Technology Implementation Planning

We will work with you to design a program and implementation plan for encryption governance, key management, and business process modernization. Optionally, we can provide project management (PM) and PM resources for technology deployments and solution implementations for encryption strategy initiatives.

This planning includes program governance, modernization of IT or business processes, certificate lifecycle management, and encryption key management solutions. A thorough project management timeline and project plan is formulated based on the clients’ goals and milestones.

High level approach for implementing tools

Develop use cases and identify common architectural patterns across the in-scope applications, databases, Big-data, cloud and storage devices, and develop use cases for them

Develop reference architecture designs for each of the architectural patterns

Perform a pilot test for each of the controls and make changes in the reference architecture based on results

Group applications, databases, Big-data, cloud, and storage devices are changed in a phased approach by following step-by-step into roll-out phases to avoid one time, large-scale implementations. This will be useful to show incremental results to executives and management

Proof of concept and RFP development

Encryption Consulting helps in conducting a Proof of Concept for a selected encryption tool, to demonstrate the working of the tool with the technologies used by the clients and gauge if the performance and encryption security features are as expected in use cases.

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Encryption and Key Management Solution Evaluation

Main highlights of our services in implementation & POC

Specific Activities

Encryption Consulting will assist Customers with developing evaluation criteria for selecting solutions for enterprise encryption key management. Activities include:

  • Develop evaluation criteria based on encryption key usage scenarios and requirements
  • Assist the Customer with selecting key management solutions for further evaluation (e.g., vendor solution, open source, Hardware Security Modules)
  • Assist the Customer with coordinating vendor information sessions
  • Summarize information from key management solution evaluation and assist the Customer in prioritizing solution options


  • Encryption key management solution evaluation criteria
  • Summary of encryption key management solution options

Apart from the evaluation of Encryption and Key Management solutions we help the Customer in the following:

For efficient and effective cryptographic key management, we design, implement, and transfer sustainable supporting processes using the NIST 800-57 framework guidance.

As per a jointly developed enterprise encryption plan, we design, test, and deploy encryption technology and infrastructure.

In alignment with your business’ requirements, we develop encryption policies, rules and operational processes

We assist you with vendor selection activities, including RFP processes, system testing, and capability evaluations.

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