Assessment Service

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise platform can allow your organization to develop a data-centric security system, and we can make this transition a much smoother process with our knowledge of the product and process.

While traditional controls fail to provide the full spectrum of security, it becomes important to implement security at the data element level or application level.

Platform Assessment

We recommend the use of a graded platform evaluation model to ensure an objective-oriented, extensive and transparent platform evaluation process.

In order to be able to run the effective platform assessment service, it is essential to review the current state of selected business context and its IT context, and their readiness for Secret Management, encryption-as-a-service and identity access management.

The takeaway report would include the framework used for assessment, maturity of the security process for the business and their IT counterpart, and broad level considerations for sensitive credential management, data protection service, management of identity-based access control, integration of enterprise services/solutions, and other considerations.

Selected Information Security policies, Encryption policies, key management policies, and other security controls are also reviewed, and a report on the gaps for security processes and their feasible remediation can be provided to customer upon request.

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