PKI – Assessment Service

It will consist of assessing the current PKI and certificate management practices used by the customer and the development of a strategy and roadmap for enterprise PKI and certificate management.

Review Current State

Review customers’ existing PKI (on-prem /Cloud-based PKI) procedures across the customers’ environment. The review will include an assessment of current certificate requests, issuance and provisioning processes, and a review of the current policies.

development of a strategy and roadmap for enterprise PKI
current inventory of certificates

Review of current Inventory

Analyze the current inventory of certificates provided by the Customer for the following certificate types: server TLS (Transport Layer Security), email S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), code signing, and client and device certificates.

PKI Recommendations

Assist the Customer in defining a future state for certificate management with the following goals:

  • Enhanced security & governance
  • Consolidation and simplification of tools, processes, etc., globally.
  • Automation (e.g., ServiceNow integration, end-to-end life cycle management, etc.)
  • Cost optimization
Enhanced security & governance
developing a strategy for PKI

Strategy for PKI

Assist the Customer in developing a strategy for PKI based on the observations from the review program analysis, the Customer’s certificate inventory analysis, and the defined future state. We will be delivering the project’s engagement over eight weeks.

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PKI Training

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