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A Healthcare Success Story with CodeSign Secure

CodeSign Secure empowers healthcare organizations

Our client, a renowned healthcare company, faced various challenges safeguarding their software code and brand reputation. This case study delves into the obstacles encountered, the innovative solutions provided by Encryption Consulting’s CodeSign Secure, and the far-reaching benefits reaped by our client.

Challenges Solution Benefits
Insufficient access control mechanisms increased the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to code signing capabilities, potentially allowing them to sign code with malicious certificates. CodeSign Secure enables a robust access control system by supporting integration with LDAP for user authentication and customizable workflows for code signing requests. Unauthorized users are prevented from signing code with potentially malicious certificates, reducing the risk of software compromise and reinforcing trust in digitally signed software.
Keys and certificates for code signing were scattered worldwide, causing inconsistent security practices and operational challenges, including inappropriate automation, lifecycle management, and ownership tracking. CodeSign Secure leverages FIPS 140-2 validated Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to protect private keys, centralizes key and certificate management for improved visibility and control and seamlessly integrates with leading HSM vendors such as Entrust, Thales, etc.

Harnessing the capabilities of HSMs enhances the security of private keys, providing protection against unauthorized access, data corruption, or potential misuse.

The consolidation of key and certificate management ensures uniformity and reinforces security practices, while effortless integration with various HSM vendors affords adaptability and robust key administration.

Macro-signing couldn’t be performed on a 64-bit Windows 10 system with Luna HSM because of signtool’s original support for 32-bits. Implemented an integration strategy that enabled the 32-bit signtool to operate seamlessly on the 64-bit Windows 10 platform. This bridged the compatibility gap, allowing the client to perform macro-signing while upholding security and performance standards. Enabled the client to sign macros (e.g., Excel macro files used to automate tasks on Microsoft Excel) on a 64-bit Windows 10 system with Luna HSM.
Lack of comprehensive visibility and control over extensive inventory of keys and certificates. CodeSign Secure effectively unifies key and certificate management using efficient HSMs, addressing the challenge of limited visibility and control over an extensive inventory of keys and certificates. Streamlined the oversight of keys and certificates distributed across the globe, guaranteeing uniformity and enhanced security.
Insufficient pre-validation against current antivirus definitions increased the risk of signing potentially malicious code. CodeSign Secure seamlessly integrates pre-validation into the code signing process, ensuring code undergoes rigorous checks against the most recent antivirus definitions before signing. Enhanced code signing security by signing only clean, trusted code, reducing the risk of security incidents, and maintaining code integrity.


CodeSign Secure effectively addresses unique challenges, ensuring access control, consolidating key management, enabling secure macro-signing, implementing malware pre-validation and much more.

These solutions boost security and enhance trust in digitally signed healthcare applications. CodeSign Secure empowers healthcare organizations to confidently implement code signing, advancing patient privacy and fortifying data protection.

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