code signing

Code Signing – Best Practices

10 Nov 2020
Code Signing, as a technology, provides authenticity to the software codes, applications and/or files. This is done by signing the...

Code Signing- Benefits and Basics

10 Nov 2020
What is Code Signing? Code signing is the process of authenticating software code/application/program/scripts to confirm the source of origin of...

Code Signing Certificates

28 Feb 2020
Nishiket Kumar
Introduction Code Signing is the process of applying a digital signature to a software program intended for distribution over the...

Overview – Digital Certificates

7 Feb 2020
Shorya Goel
Overview Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is based on the principles of asymmetric cryptography: messages are encoded using the recipient’s public...

Code Signing – A Manager’s Guide

21 Dec 2019
How did code signing become important? Let’s look at three interesting trends that have emerged in software development over the...