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CipherTrust Manager Backup Error

In this blog, we’ll discuss the issues faced while scheduling backups on CipherTrust Manager.


codeDesc: NCERRInvalidParamValue

errorMessage: Specified backup key does not exist for scope (system)


Let’s consider that we have 4 CipherTrust Manager nodes (,,,  in a cluster. As per the procedure, we’ll have to create a system backup schedule on any of the nodes, which will further get replicated on others.

Note: Backups and backup keys are not replicated across the cluster.


The primary reason for this error is that the backups occur randomly on any one of the nodes, and if the backup key isn’t present on that particular node while it is being initiated, the backup will fail.

CipherTrust Manager Backup Error


Let’s assume we are scheduling a backup from To resolve this error, please follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. On, navigate to the Backup keys under Admin settings.

    Backup keys
  2. First, create a new system backup key and make it as default.

    system backup key
  3. Download the newly created system backup key in order to upload them on other CipherTrust Manager cluster nodes.

    cluster nodes
  4. Enter a password for the corresponding backup key and click “Download.”

    Download backup keys
  5. Now, follow the below-mentioned path to upload the system backup key on all the CipherTrust Manager cluster nodes.

    Choose the downloaded file and enter the password generated in the previous step for the uploaded backup key.

    step for the uploaded backup key
  6. Navigate to Admin Settings Schedules to schedule a system-level backup.

    system level backup
  7. Click on “Add Schedule.”

  8. Select “System Backup” and click “Next.”

    System Backup Schedule
  9. Enter the “Schedule Name” and click “Next.”

    cipher trust schedule name
  10. Determine the backup frequency and click “Next.”

    backup frequency
  11. State the number of backups to retain and select “Use default backup key.”

    Note: “Use default backup key” will help perform a successful backup on any cluster node since the default key is the same on all of them.

    Use default backup key

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