Data Privacy Weekly: Your Industry News Series

01. Japan’s Largest Port Grinds to a Halt in Ransomware Attack

Japan’s largest port, the Port of Nagoya, has stopped operations following a ransomware attack on its container terminals. The attack, which occurred on July 4, has impacted the port’s central system, causing a halt in container processing.

The port, handling over two million containers annually and accounting for 10% of Japan’s trade volume, is crucial for Toyota’s car exports.

The port authority aims to restore the system by 6 PM and resume operations by tomorrow morning. The attack has resulted in significant financial losses and disrupted the flow of goods in and out of Japan. This is the largest cyberattack on the port to date.

Ransomware Attack in Japan
Data Stolen in University Cyberattack

02.NHS Data Stolen in University Cyberattack, Patient Information Compromised!

NHS data, including trauma patient information from over 200 hospitals, was stolen in a ransomware attack on the University of Manchester. The compromised data includes NHS numbers and partial home postcodes. The university has informed NHS Trusts and warned affected patients of potential follow-on attacks.

Forensics experts are working to assess the impact, while the university restores its systems and enhances cybersecurity training. The incident raises concerns about the storage and security of sensitive medical data by universities and the increasing trend of ransomware attacks involving data exfiltration.

03. Shell Confirms Impact by Clop Ransomware Attack on File Transfer Tool

Shell, the global oil and gas giant, confirms the Clop ransomware gang’s breach of the MOVEit file transfer tool. The group listed Shell on its extortion site. This marks the second time Shell has been targeted by Clop, highlighting vulnerabilities in the file transfer service.

Shell states that its core IT systems remain unaffected, and investigations are ongoing. Other UK victims of the MOVEit breach include the BBC, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Boots, Ofcom, and Transport for London. The software company Progress, developer of MOVEit, recently disclosed a second vulnerability in the tool.

Ransomware Attack on File Transfer Tool
Customer Data Stolen

04. Eftpos Provider Smartpay Hit by Ransomware Attack, Customer Data Stolen

Eftpos provider Smartpay has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, resulting in the theft of customer data. However, the company assures that no card data was compromised, and its payment systems remain fully operational. Smartpay, listed on NZX, does not store card information. The affected customers, primarily retailers, are being contacted directly.

Smartpay has taken immediate steps to contain the incident, engage cybersecurity specialists, and collaborate with government authorities. The investigation is ongoing, focusing on determining the extent and content of the data theft. The incident reflects a surge in cyber-attacks targeting the eftpos industry in New Zealand.

05. Apple Supplier Faces $70 Million Ransomware Attack by LockBit Gang

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), an Apple supplier, experienced a data breach due to a ransomware attack on one of its suppliers, Kinmax Technology. The Russian ransomware gang, LockBit, demanded a $70 million payment from TSMC to prevent the publication of stolen data.

While the data breach mainly involved server setup information, TSMC confirmed that its business operations and customer information remained unaffected. Kinmax Technology apologized to affected customers but did not disclose the exact impact of the cyber-attack.

data breach due to a ransomware attack

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