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What are the services provided by Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Services

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure, commonly referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing platform and a suite of services offered by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of cloud-based services, including computing, storage, databases, machine learning, networking, and more, to help individuals and organizations build, deploy, and manage applications and services through Microsoft’s global network of data centres.

Microsoft Azure is a big deal in the world of cloud computing. It’s available worldwide and has all the right certifications to keep things safe and working smoothly. Many businesses use it for all sorts of cloud-related stuff, whether they’re just starting or huge. It’s one of the top players in the cloud services game, just like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Services provided by Microsoft Azure

  • Master Key Types

    Azure KMS provides several options for managing cryptographic keys. It offers 2048, 3072, and 4096-bit RSA asymmetric master keys, which are fundamental for encrypting and decrypting data. While the focus is primarily on asymmetric keys, Azure Key Vault does allow the import and management of symmetric keys, though the operational nuances might vary.

  • Encryption Modes

    When it comes to encrypting data, Azure KMS boasts two powerful asymmetric encryption methods: RSA OAEP and RSA PKCS#1v1.5. These methods are essential for securing sensitive data, and they are widely used across various industries.

  • Plaintext Size Limits

    Previously, Azure KMS had a plaintext size limit of 0.25KB. However, the exact limitations may have evolved, and it’s crucial to consult Azure’s official documentation for the most recent and accurate information on plaintext size limits.

  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) Options

    To utilize BYOK is a feature that many enterprises find crucial for maintaining control over their cryptographic keys. The process involves importing keys and wrapping them for secure storage in Azure. The exact procedures and requirements for BYOK may have changed, so it’s wise to refer to Azure’s latest documentation for the most up-to-date guidelines.

  • Signature Modes

    Data integrity during transit is a top priority, and Azure KMS offers various signature methods to achieve this. You can choose from RSA-PSS, RSA PKCS#1V1.5, ECDSA with various curves, ensuring that your data remains tamper-proof.

  • Cloud HSM Compliance

    Security and compliance go hand in hand. Azure’s regular Vault HSM complies with FIPS 140-2 Level 2, while the Managed HSM takes it up a notch with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance. These certifications are essential for industries with strict security and regulatory requirements.

  • Azure Key Vault Features

    Azure Key Vault is a crucial component of Azure’s security ecosystem. It safeguards keys and secrets using Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) or software appliances. Both Azure services and customers can access these keys and secrets. Azure Key Vault is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant and primarily supports asymmetric keys, including RSA keys of various sizes and Elliptic Curve key types.

  • Azure Dedicated HSM Features

    Azure Dedicated HSM offers a level of control that’s unmatched. Keys are stored on on-premises Luna HSMs, and only the customer has access to them. It complies with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and supports a wide range of symmetric and asymmetric keys. This includes various key types, algorithms, and even offline key backup capabilities.


Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services to address various computing and data management needs. Whether you are a developer, data scientist, IT administrator, or business owner, Azure’s extensive services offer the flexibility and scalability required to meet your unique requirements. By leveraging the power of Azure, individuals and organizations can tap into the full potential of cloud computing to innovate, grow, and succeed in a digital world.

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