Free PKI Assessment Services

The assessment will review the current state to identify the gaps and provide recommendations as part of a comparative study of the current and future state of your PKI and the industry best practices. This study will provide our customers with a valuable risk report, a roadmap to improvement, and a way to prioritize PKI security investments.

The PKI Assessment engagement will consist of assessing the current operations, certificate lifecycle management process, PKI architectural design, governance, and risk and compliance monitoring used by the Customer, and help them mitigate all issues in the above areas.

    Encryption Consulting will perform the following activities and document the results for the Customer:

    • Information gathering session
    • Review of the current process across the organization
    • Perform a detailed PKI health check for the below components of the PKI system and configuration
      • Certification Authorities
      • Registration Authority
      • Root CA
      • Subordinate CA’s
      • HSMs
      • Certificates
      • SSH Keys
      • Certificate Policy
      • Certificate Practice Statement

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