Certificate Lifecycle Management

"On average, companies spend 225 hours manually managing 50 certificates a year[2]. About 74% of enterprises have seen system outages due to unplanned certificate expiration[3], and over 50% have a lost or rogue digital certificate"

Ken Linscott, Circle ID - March 2020

Certificates typically have a 4-phase lifecycle - Discovery, Enrollment, Provisioning, and End-of-life. To make your PKI mature and reliable, you must have more control over all the phases. The key aspects of these 4 phases are:

Discovery Phase

Enrollment Phase

Provisioning Phase

End of life Phase

Why you need a certificate management system

A certificate management system becomes necessary when your organization faces any of the following scenarios

Challenges in a certificate management system

Every organization faces the following challenges in creating and maintaining the certificate lifecycle:

  • Core Work
    • Establishing requirement
    • Architecture design
    • Importing existing certificates
    • Network discovery scan
    • Configuring policies and reports
    • Onboarding applications
    • Documentation on operations
    • Training
  • Additional Work
    • Integration with other systems (e.g, ticketing, IDM)
    • Automation
    • Custom reporting
  • Challenges
    • Network scans usually return a lot of data. Guidelines are needed to determine what is important
    • It is difficult to get certificate ownership, if the organization does not have application/ data owners already

Key challenges of an organization

While dealing with certificate management, most organizations face challenges like manual-labour crossing the threshold, missing lifecycle processes, a need for monitoring/ reporting, automation of processes, or lack of operational documentation and training.

Solving your problems

We can solve your challenges & problems in certificate lifecycle management, through the following:

  • Establishing requirement, and designing the architecture
  • Performing network discovery scan
  • Importing existing certificates
  • Configuring policies and reports
  • Onboarding a set of pilot applications
  • Preparing documentation for operations and training
  • Developing a plan for addressing gaps
  • Developing a guide for process/ operations and certified training

Encryption Consulting offers a broad range of services in the Key and Certificate Management space, from strategy to implementation and managed services.

Professional Services Offered

  • Implementing Certificate life cycle solution for certificate management
  • Implementing Certificate life cycle solution for SSH key management
  • Implementing automation for certificate lifecycle on various platforms (e.g. F5, tomcat, IIS)
  • Integrating PKI with other security services (typically to enable cert based authentication on VPN, Wi-Fi, NAC)

Case Study

See how Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing their current practices.

"Encryption Consulting helped us remediate our high risk areas by creating a custom roadmap for our organization based on a thorough Assessment of our existing encryption environment"

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


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