Certificate Lifecycle Management

"On average, companies spend 225 hours manually managing 50 certificates a year [2]. About 74% of enterprises have seen system outages due to unplanned certificate expiration [3], and over 50% have a lost or rogue digital certificate"

Ken Linscott, Circle ID - March 2020

Certificates typically have a 4-phase lifecycle - Discovery, Enrollment, Provisioning, and End-of-life. To make your PKI mature and reliable, you must have more control over all the phases. The key aspects of these 4 phases are:

Phases of Certificate Lifecycle Management




End of life

Why you need a certificate management system

A certificate management system becomes necessary when the organization faces any of the following scenarios:

Manual labor reaches a threshold, for example:

Your certificate lifecycle processes are missing. It means:

Reporting and monitoring are required for the followings:

Challenges in a certificate management system

As organizations work towards enhancing the security of their data, they are often confronted with challenges around the management of certificates. Following are the challenges which every organization faces in creating and maintaining the certificate lifecycle management.

Core Work

Additional Work


Key challenges of an organization

While dealing with certificate management, most organizations face challenges like manual-labour crossing the threshold, missing lifecycle processes, a need for monitoring/ reporting, automation of processes, or lack of operational documentation and training.

Solving your problems and challenges

Encryption Consulting offers a broad range of services in the Certificate Management space, from strategy to implementation and managed services. Encryption consulting can help solving the problems and challenges in certificate lifecycle management, through the followings:

Professional Services Offered

Fun is part of the story

Necessity for the Certificate Lifecycle Management

All digital certificates have a limited lifespan and are no longer recognized as valid upon expiration. Certificates needs to be replaced at the end of their life to avoid service disruption and decreased security. If a certificate fails, the vulnerability can be exploited by malicious man-in-the-middle attacks, allowing hackers to gain access to sensitive information. This will not only influence sales, day-to-day business, and brand reputation – but it will also result in a lack of confidence and trust from your customers. However, there are other scenarios where the certificate needs to be replaced/renewed before the expiration date, for example: SHA-1 end of life migration, change in company policy, etc.).
The certificates need to be constantly monitored to ensure that they are effective. The administrators should have controls over approval process of creating/requesting any certificate, just to ensure that no unwanted certificates are added to the system.
To avoid any security and management gaps such as certificates that get lost in the system, get expired, and cause revenue loss and reputation, organizations must design and implement proper certificate Lifecycle Management approaches/strategies.

Case Study

See how Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing their current practices.


"Encryption Consulting helped us remediate our high risk areas by creating a custom roadmap for our organization based on a thorough Assessment of our existing encryption environment"

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


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