Platform Assessment Service

By implementing solutions such as MicroFocus’s Voltage Secure Data,Ciphertrust Manager and Protegrity’s Data Protection platform, enterprises can develop a data-centric security system and with our knowledge of all the products, the transition and implementation of them in your environment can be a seamless process

While traditional controls fail to provide the full spectrum of security, it becomes important to implement security at the data element level or application level.

Through this professional service of ours, enterprises can gain insights on the current state of the platforms and close all existing gaps based on our recommendations

Platform Assessment

This Service enables customers to quickly understand and review their current state of selected business and IT business, and their readiness for Tokenization, Format-Preserving Encryption, Data obfuscation, and other data protection controls.

The takeaway report would include the framework used for assessment, a current maturity of the security processes of the business and IT processes reviewed, and high-level considerations for tokenization , Format-Preserving Encryption, Data obfuscation, and other data protection controls, integration, and other considerations.

Selected Information Security and Encryption policies, standards, and controls are also reviewed, and a report on updates or changes to the security policies can be provided upon the customers’ request.

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See how Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing their current practices.

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