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How to Setup Intune to your Business?

How to setup Intune for buisness

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, the strategic incorporation of devices and applications is fundamental for organizational triumph. Microsoft Intune emerges as a potent solution, providing a streamlined approach to handling applications and devices across diverse platforms. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the integration process, underscoring the benefits, system requisites, licensing essentials, setup Intune intricacies, troubleshooting strategies, and best practices for maximum utility.

Unlocking the Benefits of Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune brings numerous advantages, enhancing organizational productivity and security. From centralized administration to versatile device management, Intune offers a seamless experience.

The following are the key advantages of Intune in an enterprise

  • Organized Administration

    Centralized management of devices, applications, and configurations enhances operational efficiency.

  • Robust Security Measures

    Enforcement of strong security policies fortifies business data on diverse devices.

  • Versatile Device Management

    Support for Windows PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices ensures cross-platform compatibility.

  • Effortless App Deployment

    Simplifying app deployment across platforms enhances productivity without disrupting user experience.

Specific Requirements for Microsoft Intune Configuration

For a smooth integration, understanding and fulfilling system requirements are crucial. These are the pre-requisites necessary for Intune configuration –

  1. Supported Operating Systems and Devices

    Microsoft Intune accommodates Windows 7 and higher, macOS Yosemite and later, iOS 8.0 and up, Android 4.0 and up. It seamlessly operates on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  2. Network and Connectivity Requirements

    A reliable internet connection is paramount. Employing high-speed broadband with ample bandwidth ensures the smooth management of data traffic. Fortifying the network infrastructure with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols safeguards sensitive data stored in Microsoft Intune.

  3. Microsoft Intune License

    Unleashing the full potential of Microsoft Intune relies on acquiring the appropriate license. Understanding organizational requirements, including the number of devices and desired control levels, is necessary. Microsoft provides various options, including standalone licenses or bundled with Office 365, which can be obtained via Microsoft’s website or from authorized resellers.

Setting Up Intune: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Ensuring a successful setup of Microsoft Intune involves a step-by-step approach that includes creating an Azure Portal account, accessing the Microsoft Intune portal, configuring Intune policies, enrolling devices, and managing applications and software updates.

Creating an Azure Portal Account

  1. Visit the Azure Portal website.

  2. Select “Create a Free Account”.

  3. Complete the requisite details.

  4. Verify identity through the code dispatched to the registered email or phone.

Accessing the Microsoft Intune Portal

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

  2. Navigate to the Admin Center.

  3. Click on “Intune” under the “Admin centers” tab.

Configuring Intune Policies

Upon accessing the Policy Configuration page, a spectrum of options is available, allowing customization for device enrollment, app management, compliance settings, and more. Each policy is meticulously crafted to govern devices and security in diverse ways, such as restricting app installations or ensuring exclusive access to company resources for managed devices. Pick the desired feature and adhere to the on-screen instructions to set up a policy.

Various settings are available for customization, from password length to encryption requirements and access restrictions for websites/apps. 

  1. Before configuring a policy, evaluate the organization’s needs and the devices and data employees use.

  2. Adjust policies to balance security and convenience.

  3. Review and update Intune policies regularly.

  4. Follow industry best practices and use the latest features of Microsoft Intune.

Enrolling Devices in Intune

  1. Ensure devices meet necessary requirements.

  2. Navigate to Settings on the device.

  3. Select “Access work or school” and click on “Add an account”.

  4. Input the email address linked to your Intune account and complete the process.

  5. When enrolled, configure device policies based on organization’s needs.

Managing Apps and Software Updates

  1. Identify application/software update needs:

    1. List apps/software for update.
    2. Identify requirements/criteria for updates.
  2. Create deployment rings.

    1. Group devices into deployment rings.
    2. Set priority for app/software updates for each ring.
  3. Configure Intune update policies

    1. Access Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.
    2. Navigate to Devices > Update Policies to setup policies for app/software updates.
    3. Customize policies according to organization needs.

Troubleshooting Setup Issues 

Addressing authentication and permissions issues, alongside resolving device enrollment errors, is crucial for a seamless setup process. Following are a few general troubleshooting solutions while setting up Intune:

Resolving Authentication and Permission Errors:

  • Check Your Login Details

    Ensure your login details are spot-on. Verify usernames and passwords, watch out for case sensitivity, and eliminate any extra spaces causing trouble.

  • Evaluate Privileges

    Make sure your account has the necessary permissions to do what needs to be done. Adjust access levels promptly to match operational requirements.

  • Compatibility Considerations

    Think about compatibility between different components. If things aren’t playing nice, consult with experts or documentation for straightforward solutions.

  • Seek Assistance

    When hurdles seem too high, seek help. Whether from support channels or experienced peers, collaboration can fast-track setup.

Resolving Device Enrollment Issues

  • Ensure a Stable Connection

    A strong internet connection is fundamental. Confirm its stability; shaky connections often lead to enrollment errors. Consider changing networks or rebooting your Wi-Fi router.

  • Verify Credentials

    Double-check usernames and passwords to avoid authentication issues. Small details matter, so be precise and accurate.

  • Stay Updated

    Keep your devices up to date. Before diving into device enrollment, check for and install any available updates to avoid unnecessary errors.

  • Official Support Channels

    For persistent issues, reach out to official support channels related to your device. They’re equipped to provide tailored assistance.

Managing authentication, permissions, and device enrollment issues does not need to be a complex process. Verify your details, adjust privileges, consider compatibility, stabilize your connection, and seek help when needed. Navigating these setup challenges becomes more straightforward when approached with a balanced perspective.


Encryption Consulting provides Microsoft PKI services by integrating it with Intune, enabling features like Windows Hello for Business and remote device management. It empowers secure access from various devices while simplifying app management and policy automation. Microsoft Intune also integrates with mobile threat defense services and uses a web-based admin center to protect organizations’ data and focus on endpoint management.

This guide has explored the intricacies of integrating Microsoft Intune, emphasizing key steps and benefits. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can leverage Intune for heightened administrative efficiency. By following the outlined steps carefully, your organization can experience a transformative impact on its operational landscape from Microsoft Intune.

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