Implementation Service

Once the GCP Data Protection assessment and strategy is finalised, we provide a complete walkthrough with guidance for data protection control implementation. We also provide resources with technical capabilities in implementing the data protection controls and technologies for your GCP Environment. Based on your needs and regulatory requirements, we will design and implement the data protection plan as per your strategic roadmap. Our implementation capabilities include, but are not restricted, to the Data Protection controls illustrated below

GCP Data Protection Implementation Benefits

  • Secure Deployment

    Deployment through secure channels as per requirements

  • Deep Analysis

    Analysis through proper assessment and workshops

  • Risk Elimination

    Usage of key management, certificate management and DLP

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensuring regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS, GDPR etc.

Our Implementation Approach

  • GCP Discovery

    Data-at-rest scans will be performed across your GCP environment to identify sensitive data and develop Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)

  • AES256/AES128 Encryption (DB)

    Databases are protected through a FIPS 140-2 validated Hardware Security Module

  • Disk – Level Encryption

    Static data residing on GCP storages such as disks with in clusters and back ups can be protected through standard AES-256

  • Authenticating Endpoints

    Data sources and destinations are verified along with the validation of human or process pings. Google IAM is used for access control

  • Cloud DLP

    Data-in-transit can be protected by implementing a CASB solution in the cloud and by protecting endpoint machines with Endpoint DLP. We evaluate and implement appropriate vendors for your environment.

  • NetworkTraffic Encryption

    Encryption is done in the transport and network layer. Cloud Key Management can be configured to manage keys and certificates.

  • Field-Level Encryption

    DZone Security column level encryption can be implemented to protect Dynamic web sensitive data while meeting compliance requirements

  • Application Layer Transport Security(ALTS)

    GCP ALTS ensures all Remote Procedure Calls(RPCs) are protected. It uses state-of-the-art cryptographic primitives

  • Tokenization & Obfuscation

    Our experts will implement Tokenization and Obfuscation to protect highly critical sensitive data stored in GCP. This ensures compliance with GDPR

Expected Outcome

With the successful implementation of the GCP cloud Data Protection service provided by us, you would be able to deploy robust and secure applications on the cloud without any hassles or worry. It is based on the industry best practices and promises operational efficiency, reliability, performance excellence, security and cost optimization. During implementation we would be providing a walkthrough document, various technical manuals and maintenance guidelines.

With the complete package of assessment, Strategy and Implementation – you will have a bird eye view of your infrastructure and technical landscape as well as complete documented steps of securitization and modernization. Our endgame is to make your cloud environment risk free and high yielding.

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