Encryption Assessment

"4.1 billion: Number of data records compromised during just the first six months of 2019."

2019 State of Security Operations – MicroFocus

Our encryption assessment service helps to identify and understand the capabilities, limitations, and maturity of the current data protection program of your organization. This assessment can guide with a clear direction for future investments.

Strategic Objectives

Encryption Assessment approach

Approach - Encryption Assessment

Define Assessment Scope

To define our assessment-scope, we undertake the following key activities:

Project Timeline

Our objective is to execute the project in the most efficient manner and timeframe. To achieve this, we structure the project-approach to perform activities in parallel, where it is feasible.

Our deliverables will be:

  • Scope Document
  • Project Plan
  • Framework for data protection
  • Questionnaires for Assessment
  • Encryption Assessment report and aggregated Encryption use cases
  • Strategy and implementation roadmap

Case Study

See how we helped a leading healthcare brand improve their encryption channels and framework...


Encryption Consulting created a roadmap for our organization after conducting the Assessment of our Encryption Environment which helped us remediate the high-risk area.

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry



The digital age of today is powered by customer and consumer data: data is the new currency.


Global Encryption Trends Study – 2022

Compare your organization’s encryption strategy with the global firm’s trend and understand the data protection strategies across multi-dimensional platform analysis.

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