Migration of Digital Certificates Issued by Entrust Public CA

Get a seamless and timely migration plan for all your public SSL certificates to a more secure public certificate authority.

Migration of Digital Certificates Issued by Entrust Public CA

Overview of our service

Overview Of Our Service

Digital certificates are considered the identity of your organization. What happens to your organization if your identity can no longer be trusted? Google's new decision to no longer trust SSL certificates issued by Entrust Public CA due to repeated non-compliance highlights the need for stringent security standards that all Certificate Authorities (CA) must adhere to. Our migration services provide you with expert support to make the migration to a more secure CA hassle-free and safe.

Impact On Existing Users

If organizations continue to use Entrust-issued public SSL certificates, they will be exposed to multiple security vulnerabilities that will impact their overall security architecture.

Service Disruptions

If your websites and applications are using these certificates, browsers would refuse to trust them leading to untrusted connections, reduced traffic, and warning messages that would hamper customer trust.

Operational Challenges

There would be a huge impact on websites and applications with secure connections failing and applications and websites being blocked by browsers which would eventually lead to increased downtime and productivity issues.

Increased Security Risks

Using connections that are not protected by a trusted CA increases the risks of vulnerabilities existing in your ecosystem and exposing your organization to external threats like a man-in-middle attack.

Steps Towards a Secure and Successful Migration

Google Chrome would no longer trust public SSL certificates issued by Entrust from November 1st, 2024. To avoid any disruptions with a smooth migration, we take a phased approach to migration to avoid the certificates being flagged

Step 01

Conducting in-depth certificate discovery throughout your organization's inventory which includes websites, services, and applications to identify certificates at risk.

Step 02

Executing a priority assignment that involves prioritizing certificate replacements in your environment based on the criticality of the systems they protect, starting with public-facing and mission-critical applications.

Step 03

Building a migration strategy that is tailored to your organization's need to transition to a new CA before the deadline by engaging stakeholders, including impact analysis, and following a phased approach to make sure that there are no disruptions on your end.

Step 04

Updating and installing all new certificates from a trusted public CA onto your environment and making sure all intermediate certificates are up to date to maintain a proper chain of trust.

Step 05

Thoroughly testing all your new certificates to make sure that the transition does not cause any disruption to your services and operations and that the chain of trust is intact.

How Can Encryption Consulting Help?

How Can Encryption Consulting Help
  • Our detailed assessment ensures that no digital certificates that are from an untrusted CA remain unchecked which could later lead to certificate outages or applications being flagged by Google.
  • Our secure strategy includes selecting a new CA for your organization, acquiring new certificates from the CA, and making sure they are installed and configured correctly.
  • We do proper testing before deploying certificates into your environment by using tools to stimulate the changes that will impact your system to ensure no impact on the end users.
  • While migrating issuing CAs, we make sure that the currently issued certificates remain operational until their validity runs out, the old issuing CA doesn't issue any new certificates and move to other CDP/AIA points according to the required changes, but the issuing CA would have a minimal operation and no impact on the PKI infrastructure.
  • Our migration services help you stay compliant as certain security standards that mandate the use of certificates from only trusted public CAs.
  • We ensure that you follow all legal and contractual obligations of providing secure communications and protecting customer data by using only trusted digital certificates.
  • We provide continuous testing to make sure that if any issues arise, our team of experts can quickly identify and secure these issues.
  • We automate the certificate renewal process for your organization to manage the complete lifecycle of certificates in a timely manner to avoid any incidents of outages or human errors.
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