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Upcoming Training Date: Sep 23rd - Sep 24th, 2024


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) course is recommended for anyone using, managing, deploying or designing Encryption and Key Management solutions with HSM components.

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About Course

Our HSM Training is tailored for individuals seeking expertise in setting up, deploying, and monitoring Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from nCipher, Thales-e-Security/Safenet, Utimaco, and Cloud HSMs. Our course adopts a hands-on approach to provide a deep understanding of HSM cryptographic operations. Throughout the course, attendees cover foundational cryptography concepts, master the management of HSMs, and engage in real-world scenarios illustrating HSM use cases. The curriculum includes disaster recovery strategies, hardware security module configuration across leading providers, and maintenance best practices. Participants benefit from optional feature discussions, gaining insights into advanced functionalities based on diverse use cases. The training is enriched with hands-on practical sessions, allowing for the direct application of theoretical knowledge.

We recommend this course for individuals who want to learn how to set up, deploy and monitor Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from:

  • nCipher
  • Thales-e-Security/Safenet
  • Utimaco
  • Cloud HSM
HSM Training

Class Audience

  • Beginners
  • |
  • Intermediate
  • |
  • Advanced

Certificate of Completion

Every student that attends and completes the full training scoring 70% in the HSM exam will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will allow student to qualify for ISC2 continuing education credit for annual CPE commitments.

Course Contents

Day 1

Hardware Security Modules

  • What is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Benefits of using HSMs
  • Key Theft Attacks
  • Why we use HSMs
  • Performance

HSM Use Cases

  • PKI Use
  • Web Servers
  • Encryption
  • Cloud Security (Bring your own Key)

HSM Software : Key Containers and Keys

  • What stores and secures keys?
  • Understand the K-of-N principle
  • Storage of authorization secrets

Install HSM Software

  • Installation on supported platforms
  • Software Versions
  • Default file locations
  • Practical Session #1: Installing HSM Software on Windows and Linux

HSM Basic Configuration

  • HSM initial configuration

Practical Session #2: HSM Basic Configuration

  • Setting up HSM for your use case

HSM Clients: Practical Session #3: Enroll Clients

  • Verify installation and Client/module enrollment.

Day 2

Introduction to the HSM Software Suite

  • A brief word on FIPS
  • Configuration options
  • Changing HSM Modes
  • Create a key container
  • Practical Session #4: Create a new key container

Key Creation and Management

  • Application Key Tokens
  • Key Protection
  • Keys
  • Practical Session #5: Create authorization secrets

Remote Administration

  • Remote-Administration Overview
  • Secure Channel Concept
  • Deploying Remote Administration


  • SNMP Traps and location of MIB for Monitoring
  • Upgrade Firmware
  • Upgrade Software

Disaster Recovery

  • Lost authorization secrets
  • HSM hardware failure
  • Forgotten passphrase
  • Practical Session #6: Replacing authorization secrets

High Availability

  • Configuration options
  • Cloning HSM data

Running Code inside the HSM

  • FIPS compliance
  • Advantages of code within HSM

Customer Support

  • Supported Products
  • Support Locations and Contacts
  • Support Portal
  • Required Information
  • Criticality Assessment
  • Escalation Levels
  • Support Contracts

Examination for HSM Certified Systems Engineer

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