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Transforming Certificate Management in Retail Sector

Timely certificate renewals for a stronger security posture

Managing certificates, keys, and PKI processes is an enormous challenge in the retail sector. The lack of visibility into certificates and self-service capabilities has resulted in outages, manual errors, and scattered ownership.

In this case study, we will dive deep into how Encryption Consulting’s CertSecure Manager steps in as the certificate management solution, addressing these critical challenges to ensure business continuity and enhance the organisation’s overall security posture.

Certificate lifecycle management.
Challenge Solution Benefits
Lack of visibility into the location of certificates, leading to frequent expiry-related outages, duplication, and cumbersome troubleshooting. CertSecure Manager’s Certificate Discovery feature efficiently manages the certificate landscape. It helps identify and remove unused or expired certificates, ensuring critical certificates remain current. It also offers a comprehensive certificate inventory, providing access to essential details, including certificate status, issuance dates, and expiration dates.
  • 90% reduction in outages across the entire organization
  • Timely certificate renewals for a stronger security posture.
Manual execution of certificate tasks, including monitoring expirations and installations, necessitated automation CertSecure Manager automates certificate tasks and centralizes certificate management, offering a unified platform for efficient Microsoft PKI management. This streamlines certificate issuance and renewal, enhancing reliability and reducing the risk of outages.
  • Reduced manual errors in certificate tasks.
  • Achieved a 100% compliance.
  • Reduced certificate renewal time from days to less than one minute.
Lack of well-defined PKI processes, resulting in ambiguity and compliance issues. CertSecure Manager offers self-service certificate requests, reducing management costs and enabling swift certificate enrollment. With role-based access control, it enforces policies and controls for authorized user requests, enhancing efficiency and security in certificate management.
  • Reduced management costs
  • Enhanced security through role-based access control.
Administrators utilized a single CSR for multiple certificates, self-signed and wildcard certificates that did not align with internal policies. CertSecure Manager strengthens compliance by implementing stringent policy controls. It ensures the security of certificate issuance by permitting each CSR to be used only once, thereby preventing unauthorized or repetitive certificate generation. Additionally, any attempt to request wildcard certificates is automatically rejected, ensuring that only specific, non-wildcard certificates are issued.
  • Adherence to internal policies
  • Heightened security


CertSecure Manager isn’t just a solution but a transformative tool for the retail industry. By overcoming the challenge of certificate management with exceptional results, it ensures seamless operations and steadfast security. With an impressive 90% reduction in outages, streamlined processes, and strengthened compliance, CertSecure Manager proves its mettle in enhancing the retail sector’s efficiency and security.

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