Certificate Lifecycle Design, Implementation, and Integration

Certificates typically have a 4-phase lifecycle – Discovery, Enrollment, Provisioning, and End-of-life. To make your PKI mature and reliable, you must have more control over all the phases. The key aspects of these 4 phases are:


  • Extract from known sources
  • Network scans
  • Monitoring


  • Procedures to request/ obtain new certificates


  • Processes and procedures for distribution/ installation of certificates
  • Automation

End of life

  • Processes for revocation/ renewal of certificates

    Certificate Lifecycle Management Services

    Encryption Consulting offers a wide range of Certificate Lifecycle Management services, including:

    • Establishing requirements and designing the architecture
    • Performing network discovery scans
    • Importing existing certificates
    • Configuring policies and reports
    • Onboarding a set of pilot applications
    • Preparing documentation for operations and training
    • Developing a plan for addressing gaps
    • Developing a guide for process/ operations and certified training

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