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Embracing Quantum-Ready Security using OpenSSL’s Pluggable PQC for TLS Connections

In recent years, quantum computing has emerged as a very transformative field. Quantum computers or machines use quantum mechanical processes to solve problems mainly related to mathematical calculations that are difficult for conventional computers. Post Quantum cryptography(PQC) aims to create cryptographic mechanisms that provide security for both quantum and conventional computers and follow existing communication protocols and networks. OpenSSL is a major player in the field of secure communication techniques. In their latest release (v3.2.0), OpenSSL has introduced support for pluggable post-quantum cryptography (PQC) signature algorithms and key establishment mechanisms.

Pluggable Signature Algorithms

The most interesting feature of OpenSSL’s latest release is incorporating pluggable signature algorithms. This will allow third-party providers to integrate post-quantum cryptographic techniques seamlessly. This also enhances OpenSSL’s adaptability, which enables users to choose PQC schemes aligning with their specific security needs or requirements, following the industry standards. Dilithium is one of the most notable candidates for this; it is a robust and secure signature algorithm designed to withstand quantum devices’ computational power.  

Pluggable Key Establishment Mechanisms

In previous releases, OpenSSL pioneered pluggable key establishment mechanisms (KEMs), introducing algorithms like Kyber to the TLS ecosystem. By combining pluggable signatures and key establishment mechanisms, OpenSSL positions itself as a versatile and quantum-ready TLS library, allowing users to customise security configurations by choosing the most suitable PQC algorithms for signature generation and key establishment during the TLS handshake.

Quantum-Ready Flexibility

After combining pluggable signature algorithms and key establishment mechanisms in OpenSSL’s latest release, the TLS library has unprecedented flexibility. This will allow organisations to navigate the transition to post-quantum cryptography at their own pace. They can select and integrate the PQC algorithms most suitable for their use cases. This flexibility will help OpenSSL stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and keep the communication channels updated.

Implementation Considerations

Organisations adopting post-quantum cryptographic algorithms for specific use cases must carefully consider implementation strategies. Although OpenSSL’s pluggable architecture simplifies this procedure by allowing seamless integration of PQC algorithms (without extensive modifications to the existing systems), proper testing and validation are essential. This will help ensure the robustness and security of the selected PQC schemes.


OpenSSL’s latest release (v3.2.0) makes it one of the leading TLS libraries to offer quantum-ready security with unparalleled flexibility in pluggable post-quantum signature algorithms and key establishment mechanisms.

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