Encryption Advisory Assessment, Strategy, and Implementation

Encryption Consulting enables organizations to identify areas in their current encryption environment needing improvement by conducting an assessment, creating a roadmap, and implementing an end-to-end encryption plan.We leverage encryption to provide persistent data protection, assuming other traditional controls will fail. As an encryption advisory service provider, we can make any attack on data significantly more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, from a defensive perspective.

Encryption Consulting has a custom Data Encryption and Protection Framework based on our experience and industry leading practices defined to help guide a strategy for encrypting sensitive information. Based on the priorities, needs, and maturity of the data protection program of your organization, we provide bespoke data protection services to suit your unique requirements.

    Encryption Advisory Services

    Encryption Consulting offers a wide range of Encryption Advisory services, including:

    • Identifying the most critical assets and creating an inventory using our enterprise data discovery and classification-management programs
    • Using tokenization, encryption, and obfuscation to render compromised data useless
    • Identifying and zeroing-in on the most potential targets for attacks.
    • Constantly monitoring data access and exfiltration at the database layer and at endpoints

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