About Us

Encryption Consulting is a dedicated consulting firm focused on providing all of the aspects of Encryption such as PKI, Hardware Security Module, Code Signing, Enterprise key management, Transparent Data encryption, Element level format preserving encryption, Tokenization, etc.

We were founded with the main purpose of satisfying the current gap in the market for organizations to hire a firm to satisfy all their needs for encryption in every shape and form.
At Encryption Consulting, we provide encryption services to help organizations to achieve the information security triad of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

We help customers protect their data in all of their use cases (structured and unstructured data) and in all the phases of data lifecycle whether it is in rest or in motion.

The Problems We Solve

Data security is a sensitive aspect of your business andshould be prioritized at all times. The number of threats continues to grow as does the number of business applications using confidential business data. As such, organizations are becoming more susceptible to security breaches. Compounding these trends, privacy concerns have put every consumer-facing business on notice regarding their data security practices. Encryption is the universal security control which helps organizations protect their sensitive data.

Leading drivers of Encryption Adoption:

  • Privacy and regulatory Compliance such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, NYDFS, HIPAA, etc
  • Business risk reduction
    • Intellectual Property (IP) protection
    • Protection of PII information
    • Reputation Risk reduction
    • Brand Risk reduction
  • Best practices adoption to strengthen enterprise security posture
    • Gaps in protection are measurable
    • Exposure increases as policy & process becomes dated
The Services We Provide

At Encryption Consulting, we help organizations with some of their biggest data protection challenges –

  • Identification of sensitive data across the organization
  • Data classification for data encryption
  • Key protection and key management
  • Encryption implementation strategy
  • Encryption technology supplier evaluations
  • Industry best practice alignment
  • Effective reporting and integration

We partner with businesses to go beyond traditional consulting engagements. Our team of experts not only provides expert consulting services but we also provide hands on professional services to assist customers deploy the technology carefully and completely.