HashiCorp Vault Platform – Strategy


"4.1 billion: Number of data records compromised during just the first six months of 2019."

This Service provides customers with a detailed review of their business unit or process, organization and governance structure, and relevant shared IT services and capabilities.


HashiCorp Vault Strategy

We perform an evaluation on leading vault vendors, based on relevant evaluation framework, and documents the top three most suitable candidate to be further selected by the customer.

A Proof-Of-Concept is also performed with the limited scope and time duration and on selected processes which gives the customer a good insight from the solutions perspective.

A comprehensive report on the testing results, including the testing strategy, criteria, solution architecture, and integration to other IT software or solutions is being published to customer, along with the metrics observed from functional and performance testing.

With the Proof-Of-Concept and test result documentation, the to-be vault’s solution implementation roadmap is provided to customer.

Case Study

See how Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing their current practices.


"Encryption Consulting created a roadmap for our organization after conducting the Assessment of our Encryption Environment which helped us remediate the high-risk area."

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


Data protection in big data using encryption

Big Data is an emerging set of technologies enabling organizations a greater insight into their huge amount of data


Global Encryption Trends Study – 2022

Compare your organization’s encryption strategy with the global firm’s trend and understand the data protection strategies across multi-dimensional platform analysis.

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