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“The publication, investigating the matter, found that 587,000 files were left in an unprotected Azure blob. Any malicious actors that knew where to look would have been able to find and access the database with ease, it was said.”

Our Service Overview:

We offer the most skilled cyber security professionals to assess your current security landscape and tech infrastructure. We provide an assessment report based on the studies which helps to identify security gaps and vulnerable areas. Our goal is to ensure that all the gaps are identified and covered to make your system impenetrable.

Regulatory Compliances:

Our industry-leading expertise helps clients identify and evaluate the security gaps existing in the current “Azure Cloud Security Architecture” through a well-researched assessment process across all data protection domains. We perform security current state assessment benchmarking against industry data protection standards and regulations such as NIST, ISO, PCI DSS, GDPR and Azure best practices. Domains to be covered under the Azure Cloud Data Protection Assessment are:
Microsoft Azure Data Protection Assessment
Our Approach - Microsoft Azure Data Protection Assessment

Our Approach:

Our Azure Cloud Data Protection Assessment involves developing an Assessment control document based on industry benchmark standards such as Centre for Internet Security (CIE) standards, NIST, ISO 27001, and GDPR to secure Azure in compliance with regulatory laws. Requirements are categorized under each data protection domain as People, Process and Technology. During the Assessment, Encryption Consulting security experts will perform a review of your Azure cloud infrastructure and architecture to determine the security gaps. We start off with classification of data to analyse the crown jewels and assess if any data leak prevention mechanism is existing or not such as MFA and end-point security. We make sure that Azure storage, virtual machines, virtual networks, CDNs etc have suitable data protection controls in place.

Data Protection Assessment Process:

Microsoft Azure Data Protection Assessment Process

Expected Outcome:

At the end of the Azure Cloud Data Protection Assessment, our experts will provide a detailed report that includes a snapshot of the existing Azure Cloud Data Protection landscape along with the gaps identified. Additionally, we will provide guidelines for Azure Data Protection best practices to align with current industry benchmark standards and global regulations. The report would list out all the vulnerabilities present with the VMs, firewall rules, open ports etc. The assessment report would allow you to make your system impenetrable and would put you ahead of your competitors.

Case Study

Encryption Consulting assisted a Healthcare and Life Science Company by reviewing current practices...


"Encryption Consulting created a roadmap for our organization after conducting the Assessment of our Encryption Environment which helped us remediate the high-risk area."

VP Data Protection, Airline Industry


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